#TabataBirthdayBalloons (SD)

Insanity. That was today. Every time you think we’ve raised the bar on
what constitutes socially appropriate behavior… we’re going to do it again. Get used to it. Now we know ya’ll thought Threesome Tabatas were off the hook. Who wouldn’t love that? Well, today we made some changes. We tweaked the stereo-speaker situation a smidgen, added a 4th Power Ranger to your Tabata team, and for good old shits and giggles: we threw in some balloon animals – say what?! To top off the morning, it was Ashleigh’s birthday, which obviously meant a champagne cork went flying during warm ups, Heather made cupcakes, and her well-dressed husband arrived to participate in the workout – tie and all. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Keep your eyes peeled to Facebook over the next two weeks: we’ve got LOTS of fun things happening!

Be Happy. Be Strong. Be Bright SD.


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