Sombreros and close-ups (BAL)

There's no better way to start this blog post than with this picture. Absolutely no better way.
There’s no better way to start this blog post than with this picture. Absolutely no better way.

It’s not often that you find yourself skipping hand-in-hand with another person when, all of a sudden, you realize you have no idea who this person is.

Unless, of course, you’re at November Project Baltimore.

The workout: each tribe member partnered up with another beautiful person, and while one partner held a plank or a squat, the other partner sprinted to one of three sombreros filled with scraps of paper detailing exercise goodies and ridiculous antics. Exercises included classics such as burpees, squat jumps, jumping jacks, and leg lifts, all mixed in with activities like carrying a tribe member back to the start on your back, getting a close-up photo from the photographer, and finding and kissing a picture of our fearless co-leader, Nick Rod.

Sleepy Nick? More like Creepy Nick.

Halfway through the workout, everyone completed a full set of stairs around Rash Field for “rest” (whatever that means). Once the stairs were dominated, everyone jumped right back into the partner workout until the beautiful sound of the bell filled everyone’s ears.

Huge props to Jess Liss, this week’s recipient of the Positivity Stick. Jess has recruited hard for the past four weeks, and was responsible for the presence of six attendees today. Good work Jess!


Important Information

  • SAVE THE DATE: Sunday, August 17th in the late afternoon/early evening. A November Project run bigger than any other is on the calendar that day. More information to follow soon.
  • Remember this week’s homework: post something about NP_BAL on social media so we can take over this city. 65+ at a Wednesday workout means a Friday workout!




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