That “Tights” Guy and even Tighter Community!

I am not someone who considers themselves a blog writer, but in particular, on this occasion, I feel very excited at the opportunity to write one! Especially for November Project (NP)! Roz approached me back in March about writing a blog for NP and I knew I wanted to but it had to be the right timing. That timing is now! 

NP has been a GAME/LIFE CHANGER for me. First off – accountability has been imperative. Secondly – consistency is essential. And thirdly and most importantly, I have had the freedom to be myself, without judgement, around like minded people. This third point is why I believe the timing is right for me to write this blog. I wanted to take this opportunity to share that as of June 15th, on my 30th Birthday, I have announced publicly that I am gay. To share this about myself makes me incredibly excited but nervous as well – nervous because one of my greatest fears is to not be loved, included or accepted. This public announcement has been a long time coming and without getting into too much detail as to why I am announcing now, I want to highlight how NP has been so influential in helping me to make this decision. 

My first time showing up to NP was August 15th, 2018. It was Pride week. I will always remember this day well. I wore rainbow tights, learned new exercises, made new friends AND even got a NP Pride tag! I had heard about NP through social media a couple months before and I had always wondered what it was. It wasn’t until I actually went to the NP official website that I made up my mind to attend my first NP during Pride Week in Kelowna at the Sails downtown. I knew absolutely no one, but was determined to work out in my rainbow tights. And after that Wednesday morning, I was hooked! I even recognized a couple people from the Sport Chek community (thanks for being there Nat & Kas!). I met so many new people and had an absolute BLAST running and doing a variety of exercises. All while having fun! I love NP so much that to date I have only missed two Wednesday mornings due to being out of town for work trips AND my collection of fabulous bright tights continues to grow!

NP is part of my weekly routine now and when I miss a Wednesday morning, I feel like something is missing during my week. Working out early and with friends every Wednesday morning (rain, snow or shine!) has made such a difference in my life. I still don’t know a lot of people from the Kelowna chapter as I am not always able to participate in the social gatherings but the fact that I am able to freely socialize with expectations and exercise goals that I set for myself have been totally liberating. The common unifying factor amongst us all is that we want to build community through working out together and to me, THAT IS INSPIRING! NP encourages people to be realistic and authentic and for someone who has for all their life never felt able to be truly authentic and unable to fully express themselves, this has been groundbreaking to me. So I encourage you all to continue to be yourselves, love others without conditions, and keep yourself accountable to others because we are all here to encourage each other in our journey’s, whatever that looks like! SERIOUSLY THOUGH, JUST. SHOW. UP! You won’t be disappointed and you will definitely meet some awesome new friends.

I also want to give a HUGE shout out to Steve and Roz. They have been inspirational leaders for the Kelowna NP tribe and they are SO full of contagious energy. Every morning I feel like I am in the presence of Kelowna star power/celebrities, that’s how much I look up to you both! Thank you for all the time and effort you both put into promoting, organizing and motivating us every Wednesday morning. Thank YOU BOTH for showing up!

Also, thank you to Carly V who has graciously attended NP with me week after week and lets me pick you up every Wednesday morning so I don’t feel so alone! 

Thanks for cheering me on NP tribe and giving me that extra push to keep going!

For more of my story, follow my Instagram handle @joy.ful.jordan! 

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