Wake Up & Show Up (BOS 6.17.19)

Is it possible that every single Monday blog is an announcement of how great Monday morning workouts are and how awesome the city is, and how much fun it is to navigate the city to get to the workout with a whole bunch of other great human beings, and then start the day and the week this way???

After a morning like this one–a beautiful sunny morning after a day of rain yesterday–in a pretty sweet location at the Harvard Medical School Quad Lawn–it’s easy to declare how great Monday morning workouts with NP_BOS are. They’re fun, and hard work, and rewarding because you get the fitness you’re looking for, and you probably meet some new people. And you get you appreciate that a handful of folks showed up today for the very first time ever or for their first MONDAY ever, and they went away sweaty, wet from the grass, and smiling. Even after partner wheelbarrow walks and burpees and sprints and more squat movements than anyone thinks is a good idea, they were smiling.

I’m pretty sure that just about every body –even the people who’ve been coming to workouts for years–were smiling too, which is a good reason for all of us to keep waking up early on Monday mornings and showing up to November Project. And I know for sure that there are way more details involved in getting to a workout on Monday or either of the other NP workout days. But what if we stayed focused on the two simple steps that matter most: wake up and show up. Yes, you have to plan ahead for your work schedule, family schedule, transportation, clothes, and food. Yes, you probably have to negotiate or communicate time and plans with someone else to make this happen. Yes, you probably should know where/how/when you’ll shower afterwards before you go to do whatever life things happen afterwards. Those things matter, and if you don’t do them, you might end up late for work, still sweaty, and on the path to being hangry way before it’s even reasonable to go get lunch.

BUT with a little planning and some relatively minor attention to detail, you can establish some simple routines for packing a bag the night before, making a plan to run to the workout with someone who lives nearby, prepping a few meals ahead of time, and then showing up becomes way way way easier. Then it’s just up to you to GET UP, put on those clothes and lace up those shoes you set out the night before, and SHOW UP to the best way to start your day and week there ever was. It’s not always easy, and sometimes it’s not even simple, but it definitely doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems sometimes. Wake up and show up. It’s worth it.

next monday

we will meet at the Harborwalk in Seaport, right outside the Children’s Museum and in front of the newest park in Boston, Martin’s Park. Don’t miss this one! 6:29am on June 24th. Map location HERE.

Wednesday is Yearbook Photo day

During both 5:30 & 6:30am workouts at Harvard Stadium we will be taking yearbook photos of all of you. You’ll do the workout…you’ll stop for a brief 4 second photo…you’ll keep working out…you’ll look on FB later that day for the album of photos…you’ll find yourself and tag your photo…everyone will be able to put your name & face together. This is one fun little way we help to build community. #JustShowUp. If you like a theme for dressing up, this year’s theme is: “Morning at the Movies.”

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