That “Tights” Guy and even Tighter Community!

November Project

I am not someone who considers themselves a blog writer, but in particular, on this occasion, I feel very excited at the opportunity to write one! Especially for November Project (NP)! Roz approached me back in March about writing a blog for NP and I knew I wanted to but it had to be the right timing. That timing is now!  read more

Chicago Pride Week (CHI)



This is a big week for LGBT support in Chicago and we plan to rock it out November Project style!

Both Wednesday 6/22 and 6/24 will feature special Pride tagging colors. Tagging starts at 6:10 am on Wednesday and at 5:45 am on Friday

Please arrive EARLY! (Looking at you Greenberg)

Also on Wednesday 6/22 will be our annual yearbook photos!!! Our theme this year is going to be “At the Beach” so interpret that as many ways as you wish. Same thing applies. Please show up early!


Yearbook Pictures
Yearbook Pictures