Addicted To You (YEG)

Some mornings the tunes seem to perfectly connect with the energy I feel pouring from me as sweat drips from my brow. This morning I worked hard for the four hills I finished. It’s been a while since I did four complete hills. It was a combination of internal drive and having a shoulder partner that helped me push my pace. I think it was on hill number two that “Addicted to You” came up on my play list. I love how the song builds up and about 50 seconds in the beat picks up and I’m pretty sure I had a moment of NP Karaoke on the hill – belting out 🎶”I’m addicted to you…”🎶.

At that moment I took a quick inventory of the many reasons I’m addicted to my NP mornings. I love to run – that’s what we get to do at NP. I love to kick start my day with a personal gift of wellness – I get to do that with NP 3 days a week. I love sharing my energy with others, with hopes that after our interaction they are left smiling bigger than before – NP definitely allows me to practice this. I love surrounding myself with positive people who add fuel to my passions – NP fills this bucket. I love building and contributing to a community that raises one another up – for me, NP is a community that reflects these principals. It’s for these and countless other reasons that it seemed only fitting that I was talking to our November Project community when I belted out, 🎶”I’m addicted to you…” 🎶.

Great job to everyone who chose to show up this morning and give it their all on the hill! I appreciate you!

#justshowup 6 AM

  • Monday – Alex Decoteau Park
  • Wednesday – Commonwealth Stadium – Gate 2
  • Friday – Walterdale Hill

Save the Dates for June – August

  • Wednesday, June 26 – Old 96er – first chance of the season – more details to come next week
  • Monday, July 1 – Canada’s Birthday – You can count on a fun, awesome workout!!
  • Monday, July 15 – Friday, July 19 – NP Canada Birthday Week Celebrations!
  • Wednesday, August 28 – Old 96er – last chance of the season

Until next time…SMILE!

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  1. First time out this week with NP.. Commonwealth on Wednesday. Loved the vibe.. so inclusive and welcoming. Thank you NP… I smiled all day .. feeling a sense of accomplishment.

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