Guys, it’s finally Friday! I don’t know about you, but this has been one of those never ending weeks for me.  It’s all been great, so much going on, Philly Beer Week, donations to BOMF, the birth of the first all women NP event – etc. – but I think I started thinking it was Friday already on, like, Tuesday – talk about drrrrraggin out the week!
Needless to say, I knew when I laid my head down last night that I would rise and roll (as we do every Friday) to a crowd of smiling positive faces up on Lemon Hill. And boy were there smiles!
We started things of with the 1.2.3 bounce. We hugged. We ran hills. The front hill, 12 burpees at the lookout, run, 10 burpees at the lookout, run, 8… etc. Count back up by twos once you finish counting down.

The sun was blazing on us for the whole workout and it was beautiful to see all of you running around, getting fit, smiling, jumping, dancing, burpee-ing!!

We said good-bye (hopefully more of a see you later) to John who is leaving us for Michigan – he left before the group photo – but I did get this shot of him driving away – so yeah – see ya John! You will be missed!FullSizeRender (52)

We’re saying another good-bye too, although mom detail keeps her away from most workouts right now, our very own super star new mama Sara is packing it up and headed off to Pittsburgh to give her little man the best life she can. My heart tells me this one is surely a see you later, and if it’s not, well we can always plan another Pitt Pop-Up with the boys from Boston! Keep your eyes open for some special purple tags out in the burgh S and little C! That’s how we had to do last time we NP’d there! Know you two will be sorely missed!
*insert tears here
Drop these cats a line, send them love – and keep in touch with them, they are part of our family

In more uplifting news, Michelle is graduating from Drexel later today! Congrats girl! Cheers!IMG_9972

This community of humans we have build and continue to grow here is nothing short of incredible. Each and every one of you bring something to EVERY workout that you decide to get out of bed and show up for. You make my weeks brighter just by being you, by being kind to each other, by spreading joy and love wherever you may go. It is an honor for me to meet and get to know all of you! Thought you should know that…

Hope all of your days are filled with joy! Thanks for earning your weekend with the tribe this morning!



Sunday – this – ODDyessy Half Marathon Relay Transition Zone & Finisher Party!

Monday – this – West Philly Workout Series: Suzanne Allaire

Tuesday – THIS – The United STATE of November Project Women spread the word – as of this post – DC (amazing originators), PHL, NYC, BALT & LAX are all in!

Wednesday/Friday – resume regularly scheduled workouts – woo!

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