Tell Them “fuck yeah” (Boston 10.17.18)

If you see someone crushing it today as you workout, look at them and tell them, “fuck yeah!”  And if you see someone struggling today during the workout, look at those people and tell them, “fuck yeah!”*

If there’s one thing that November Project has taught me over the years, it’s that doing really hard things (like kick-your-ass workouts) is way better, easier, more fun, and more motivating when you do it with other people. 

If there are two more things that November Project has taught me over the years, it’s first that I actually really enjoy (read: value and appreciate) doing those super hard things.  I like the feeling of challenging myself–both physically and in other ways–and coming through that challenge feeling both proud of what I’ve accomplished along the way and also supported in the process.  And second, that everything I do physically at NP can teach me something about everything else I do in my life that isn’t NP.  Everything that is a challenge and that I can struggle through, or that I confidently and steadily chug through (think the little engine that could), and even the things that scare the shit out of me and I simply try anyway–I’m better at those things in life because I practice the skills of working hard, choosing to view challenge as opportunity to grow, and giving & receiving support from the community around me at NP. 

So let’s take away this lesson from the workout in Boston this morning, which was 40 or 40– run 40 sections or 40 minutes, whichever comes last: life, and workouts, are filled with challenge.  Maybe they’re physical challenges, or it feels like a challenge to our hearts, minds, or souls.  But the togetherness of NP allows us to take on those challenges with more support, more confidence, and more capacity to believe in what we CAN do.  Even when we can’t see it ourselves, the tribe does.  So it doesn’t really matter whether you’re the one crushing it today, or riding the struggle bus today.  When someone looks at you and says, “fuck yeah,” just remember that you probably needed to hear that and let it propel you forward.  Forward into challenge, forward into trying new/hard things, forward into more you than you thought you had.  And when you see anyone else who shows up–crushing or struggling–remember to look at them and say, “fuck yeah.”

End of Oct is #HELL-a-wee-WOahMAN

You need to get ready for, and hype the heck out of our month-end “hell week” of workouts, Boston-style.  Hit the highlights below and read more details in this blog. (look here for full description of WOahMAN)

  • Monday 10/29: really freaking hard/fun/awesome Destination Deck workout at a location to be announced the week before.  6:30am
  • Wednesday 10/31: #PRday in the stadium + Halloween dress up theme: Capes! 5:30 + 6:30am
  • Friday 11/2: WOahMAN (triathlon of NP_BOS workouts) 4:30am + “regular” hills on Summit Ave 6:30am (also, november project’s 7th birthday)

*Fuck is a word, which is optional to say.  Its intention is to be a powerful, empowering, emphatic declaration of intensity and enthusiasm.  If you prefer not to use that word, fill in any other word that fulfills the intention for you.  This isn’t a cult, y’all.  You do you!  examples: “heck yeah”  “awwwwww yeah”  “woooooo yeah”  “yeah yeah”  etc.

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  1. I was there today for my first time …and made it through 22 sections … got my November Project necklace and wore it proudly all day. I kept asking people … “ aren’t you going to ask me what this # 1 is about?” Then of course I’d tell them. Hitting the stairs with my daughter was my motivator but man it is powerful to see everyone pushing forward in the dark! I see why she is a regular and I am inspired to be back when I visit again. Thanks everyone.

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