Clap, clap, squat.

Wisconsin Notes:

  • it’s cold, stairs are hard
  • Hallo-workout, October 31
  • PEG City Scramble III, November 1st
  • all the races were raced

Hi my name is Megan. Hi Megan. Clap, clap, squat. This morning was a gooder. There were newbies, traverballers, returnees, dogs, Brian and everyone else.  We climbed stairs, we dipped dips, we rocked those planks, we named the names and we sat on walls.  It was a chilly morning but I felt the burn.  Keep showing up and keep bundling up.

Raisa was given the Shabooya today by Mel, Raisa has been showing up for more than 2 years, she is fit and kind and always has a smile. Raisa we are glad that you are here.

We had a BIG race weekend for NP YWG this past weekend.  Saturday was the Hecla Half marathon, and we had a hearty crew of racers, they battled through strong winds, tiny pelts of ice snow blowing into their eyes and finished the race strong through a muddy golf course.

Sunday was the WFPS and we had a whole other squad of racers out there crushing it too! And Pat even raced the whole race holding the positivity award!  To everyone who raced this weekend; whether it was your 1st race or your 50th, a PR or a hard slog, something you trained hard for, or a spur of the moment decision, you’re all champs in my books.  You laced up, you toed the line, you left it on the course, you did it and all of in the November Project are proud of you.  

Also big shoutout to everyone who was out on the course cheering or volunteering! Y’all keep these things going!

October 31st is Halloween and it’s a Wednesday and were doing a Halloworkout, wear a costume (or you’ll have some sort of burpee related punishment) it will be fun and there will be candy.

November 1st is PEG City Scramble III, I will be making the facebook event soon, but the format will be the same as the last two.  Please hit me up if you know of a venue in the Osbourne Village or Exchange area that would have the space for a group of 50-90 people, I’m out of the loop. But fear not, no matter where we end up, it’s always a great event.  Get your teams of 3 ready now!

Let’s keep showing up and lacing up.  

-Hungry M

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