HELL-a-wee-WOahMAN (Boston 10.10.18)

TODAY we ran #Raceman & #Robotman3 — and you either ran your face off in distance (#robotman3) or you raced your face off for speed (#raceman).  The simple story is that there was sweat, a little blood, a little more puke, and some tears…but one of the hardest workouts we throw out there, happened today.  The tribe showed the f*ck up and threw down.  (some threw up).  If you haven’t run #raceman, you haven’t lived yet.

And The News You Need to Know About…

You’ve probably heard of Hell week.  NP_PVD is hosting one this very week and some of our Boston folks are showing up to 5 days of free fitness down in Providence to take part.  But here in Boston we don’t need 5 days to make it hell week.  Three days of weird, hard, get-your-ass-kicked-and-love-it, workouts.  Get ready for HELL-a-wee-WOahMAN the last week of Oct.  (New grassroots tags for each day.  Show up to earn your spray paint.)


Monday, Oct. 29

We will give you a Destination Deck for the ages.  Mondays aren’t hard enough for you?  Show up.  Mondays are too all-over-the-place?  Show up to this one–it’ll be nice and centrally located & easy for everyone to get to.  Mondays aren’t your thing?  That’s just fine–but this isn’t a normal Monday.  You won’t want to miss it.

Wednesday, Oct. 31

The last Wed of the month.  #PRday  We will race a full tour as fast as we can.  It’s hard as hell every single month.  And the only thing that makes it harder will be doing a double (5:30 & 6:30 workouts).  And it’s Halloween!  Dress up theme: CAPES.  DJ Dukes (Capozzi) will be spinning.  EmSauce & the #paintcrew will be tagging fresh #grassrootsgear (bring your shirts!!) HYPE will be highhhhhh.

Friday, Nov. 2

What’s harder than Monday and Wednesday combined?  Monday + Wednesday + Friday combined.  Yup, it’s WOahMAN.  We will start at the top of Summit Ave, just like we usually do every Friday, but at 4:30am we will start the triathlon of NP_BOS that includes:

  • Run from the top of Summit Ave. to Harvard Stadium
  • Complete a full tour in the stadium
  • Run back to the top of Summit Ave.
  • Complete 25 burpees
  • Run one full hill (front side (down to Beacon and back up) + back side (down to Corey Rd. and back up to the fire hydrant)
  • Complete 25 more burpees
  • Run a second full hill
  • Finish at the fire hydrant
  • (earn your weekend & feel good about how badass you are)

Everyone is welcome to join for WOahMAN at 4:30am.  And the normal Friday morning 6:30am workout will also happen for everyone who does not come for WOahMAN.  No matter whether you show up at 4:30am or 6:30am, JUST SHOW UP.

one more announcement:

#NPplus1 lives on…We had a huge showing of plus 1s at the end of September and we want you to keep bringing your plus 1s…they earn a newbie necklace on their first day and this powerful, positive community keeps growing. 

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