The transition (Ottawa)

This morning we practiced gratitude- in the dark, in the stadium, with a bunch of great humans. Climbing stairs and getting to write down things we are grateful for was cool. 

This thing that happens every week is something special. As the dark season is upon us, there is a feeling of needing each other a little more. The summer months were wonderful and warm, and there are typically endless events and BBQs and reasons to sit out on a patio to connect. So what happens when the snow falls and the patios close down? Slowly the streets get quieter and the people begin to hibernate. Our need for community and connection increases. For us, NP provides that environment, to keep that going, the constant that never goes away. That is never cancelled for weather, that is for every fitness level. It is there to meet new people. It better when you show up. It is free for life. We ask only for your hard work and kindness. 

This is a critical period. This is the transition time when you start to require a few more layers at workouts, as you ease your body into the cold wintery season. In talking with some people, we figure this is a critical time when if you just keep showing up, it doesn’t really know anything different than early morning wake ups and being cold for just a bit. If you’re looking for reasons not to show up, you’ll find them (i.e. too cold, too early, too tired, too fun, too many good people, etc.). What if you found the reasons TO show up instead (i.e. start my day well, I’ll feel better having done it, good for my body, get outside, fresh air, good chats, good coffee…..) And just keep doing it. 

We’re not looking to make things easier- the best things in life are often not easy. But if you’re looking for ways to keep things up through the winter, give yourself the opportunity to make it easier by just continuing to show up. Once you reach the point where it’s no longer a decision, you’re coming no matter what, you’re body knows, and your body thanks you. 

Thank you for sharing your morning, your time and your energy with us. We’re glad you’re here. 

Here’s to bringing “soles” together, 

Liz and Lauren 


  1. Next week- TD Place. Bring a friend. 
  2. Read a guest blog from another city.
  3. Share something you’re grateful for with someone. Have a GREAT day.  
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