The beauty of being a NINGA (Ottawa)

Ninjas are agile, quick on their feet and in their thinking. They don’t hesitate in their movements or question their own abilities. Now it doesn’t take us one morning to consider those dressed in black to be a ninja. When you think about it they surround us in our workplaces, along our daily commutes, in the coffee line or during a social gathering.  See when you look at November Project from an outer experience, the experience of an onlooker you see people in bright colours running or walking, hugging, high-fiving and smiling. The onlooker says something in their mind or out-loud like, “what on earth is going on here?” But when you begin to immerse yourself within this community of high-fivers, smilers and huggers you start to take note of all those ninjas around you.  Now you probably don’t refer to them as so-called “ninjas” maybe you call them by Tom, Bytown boy, mom or Sierra. Or maybe you know them as a member of the biker-gang. Or what about that one tall, guy who continues to recruit and recruit and will soon enough have all the #NPkeychains.

So, yes this morning was all about being ninjas and working out in utter silence. WAIT WHAT! Utter silence. We hosted a November Project workout without speaking.  We also hosted a November Project workout this week and for the past 12 weeks at TD Place. TD Place has become our new home and might we add a beautiful one. One that we are proud to use as guests. We continue to encourage, support and push those around us to challenge each other but if we must refrain from our positive cheers and what is excessive noise than we must be respectful and courteous of those around us.

The real beauty about this morning is that we asked everyone to come dressed in black to minimize your presence, make this morning “stealth” like and in one sense that was completed.  But in another sense it gave you the chance to live out your inner-child like fantasy of being a ninja. No stress though cause next week those ninjas won’t be wearing black.

We are so proud of this community, this tribe, who make things happen. No matter what it is, we know we can count on you. This morning is just one example. You guys really knocked the ninja vibe out of the water. Jazz hands to bout. We’ll receive feedback to figure out if we truly passed the test. Thank you for sharing your morning, your whispers and your hard work with us this morning. 

Here’s to bringing soles together,
Lauren and Liz


  1. Have you thought about Halloween because it falls on a WEDNESDAY #getready for some #squadghouls because it’s going to be #spooktacular it would be #fangtastic if you showed up to get this party startled at 6:29am.  It’s also going to be our last stadium workout. 
  2. Read another blog from another city.  In case you’ve been living under a rock or this is your first workout there are 48 other cities out there not as badass as us but they sure try to be.  
  3. Next week, TD Place (only two weeks left!)

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