How you do set up your week? (YEG)

Seth Godin’s blog post this morning was titled “Here we go again” and it prompted the reader to reflect on the following:

We all say that to ourselves.
The question is: when do you say it?

Do you say it when you’re being rejected, failing, stuck, panicked, overwhelmed or alone? 

Or do you say it when you’re engaged, winning, changing things and in the groove?”

Seth Godin

This got me thinking about Mondays and how we set ourselves up for the week. I often catch myself wishing for a few extra Sunday hours, or commenting in the staff room on Monday that the weekend went by too quickly. Reading that blog post this morning got me wondering what might happen if I shifted how I thought about the start of the week. Shifting away from lamenting about the length of the past weekended and instead focussing on the positive that is to come in the week. As a family, we often sit together on Sundays and go over the calendar. Checking out what’s on the docket for the week be it after-work meetings, runs, evenings out with friends, hockey practices and games, midterms, and the list goes on. Instead of a “take a deep breath and let’s get through this week” with a “here we go again” sigh we need to look at the week as being full of opportunities to excel, achieve and have an impact. If we aren’t looking at it that way then we have to question why we’re doing it all. 

One of the things that always kicks my week/day off the right way is November Project. “Here we go again” is never said with a sigh, but with energy, positivity, and eagerness whether we’re starting off a morning circuit, stair, or hill workout. For over five and a half years it is with excitement that I start the days, being surrounded by amazing humans who all gather to create an amazing community. 

This morning as you were duck waddling, bear crawling, frog leaping and crab walking around the legislature field I felt so privileged to share space with each of you. As you lay in the leaves moving up and down the ladder of core to plank exercises I couldn’t help but feel gratitude, one because you’re always game for these crazy circuits we ask you to try and two because you choose to just show up. 

Here we go again is said with pure joy each NP morning – thank you for making it so.

#justshowup 6 AM

Wednesday – Royal Glenora Stairs

Friday – Walterdale Hill (we are still collecting clothing and socks for #NPgivesback)

Until next time…SMILE! J

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