One Tribe: Let’s Help NP_DC (Boston 10.15.18)

Every once in a while you need some help.  Life is hard, it might be a little overwhelming or burdensome, and that old song comes to mind, “I get by with a little help from my friends…”

Our tribe friends at NP_DC are in need of our help TODAY!! 

SIMPLE OVERVIEW: the DC tribe has to submit (and pay for) permits to use the Lincoln Memorial Steps on Wednesday mornings.  And they’re potentially going to have to pay more and spend more of the co-leader time submitting permits every single month.  Booooo on that.

SIMPLE ACT: read the blog below and take the action requested in it TODAY.  Post/upload a comment on the gov website to help influence decision-makers to NOT make these changes. 

We Need Your Help (DCA)

We all need help sometimes and I know that when Boston needs help, we can absolutely, positively count on our own tribe members as well as every other NP city to have our backs.  Let’s SHOW UP for DC today. 


  • Monday Oct 22 #DestinationDeck workout will be led by #CelebrityShot leaders.  Capozzi and I are sitting back and watching the amazing show that two of your fellow tribe-members are going to create.  They pick the location, they plan the workout, they take the photos, they have ALL THE FUN, so be sure to show up and support them, for all your Monday morning fitness adventure.  All for free.
  • HALL-o-wee-WOahMAN: Oct 29, Oct 31, Nov 2 Get ready for a week of hella-hard workouts, including a fierce AF Monday #DestinationDeck, #PRday in the stadium on Wed (wear capes for Halloween), and a WOahMAN + 6:30 hills on Friday.  Special tags all week… get scared, get excited, and #JustShowUp
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