We Need Your Help (DCA)

We are approaching FIVE YEARS of November Project DC. Halfway through our tenure, we worked closely with the National Park Service to figure out the best way for us to continue following rules and regulations while still having access to the Lincoln Memorial for our Wednesday workouts. It recently came to our attention that there is a proposed regulation that would endanger those efforts and our ability to work out on National Park Service land (nearly 90% of parkland in DC). 

The basics? The regulation proposes to limit the length of permits to 30 days. We currently submit permits every quarter with a cost of $120. A switch to monthly permits would not only put a time strain on the volunteers that lead this group but a financial strain on the group as well, with a potential of almost $1500/year. We believe barriers to fitness shouldn’t exist, one of the reasons we are a free fitness group (no money in, no money out) and our members don’t pay any fees. 

Because of this, we need your help. Comments for this proposal are open until MIDNIGHT EST on OCTOBER 15th. If you can find the time to go to the comments page, please either:

  1. Use our form letter, fill in your name, and submit your comment.
  2. Spend a little extra time and put down some of your thoughts and submit a comment.

If you have ever come to November Project DC, been to the National Mall, or been to a National Park, this may affect you. So please, take a sec and help us let the National Park Service know that this proposed regulation would have a negative effect on people of all walks in the national capital region. We truly appreciate all your time and understanding and we will be fully transparent as this process unfolds. Stay tuned!

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13 Replies to “We Need Your Help (DCA)”

  1. Shared this on NP Boston Social FB page very, very early this morning and Em2 made a kickass post. We’ve got your back NP DC! – C

  2. The proposed legislative change of getting permits on a monthly basis would be a HUGE MISTAKE! One of the best attributes of living in DC is the ability to live & pursue an active and fit lifestyle with like minded people AND doing this while enjoying our spectacular National parks! I know specifically how hard November Project works to make sure we RESPECT THE PRIVILEGE of having the ability to enjoy outdoor workouts at our National parks. There is something empowering and magical being able to complete an outdoor workout and see the sun rise at the Lincoln Memorial!! Changing the permit laws would clearly diminish this and severely damage the way outdoor fitness has the ability to change lives. Please reconsider making this permit change…

  3. Also a good opportunity to email your congressional representatives! Here’s a sample email:

    Dear Sen/Rep ______,

    I wish to ask your assistance regarding a National Park Service rule change (detailed at: https://www.nps.gov/nama/learn/news/proposedpermitrules.htm) for the National Mall. Specifically, it would change the permitting structure from a quarterly system to a monthly system, so that regular groups that meet to use the National Mall would have to apply for—and pay for—a new permit every month. I am part of a group, November Project, which has a DC chapter (a “tribe”) which regularly uses the steps of the Lincoln Memorial for a free fitness workout on Wednesday morning. The November Project began in Boston and has spread across the country, including a regular meeting in ______YOUR CITY HERE_____, and the DC chapter has worked with the Park Service for the past five years to comply with requests to minimize any impact while maintaining this open community. (As an aside, I’d invite you and any of your staff to “just show up” to a workout, whether you’re in _____YOUR CITY HERE_____ or DC, as it is a great way to start your day and meet your constituents.)

    In any case, this rule change will not only increase costs for our group, which is a no-money-in, no-money-out free workout group (and part of a larger non-profit which has the mission of building community through free fitness, and especially working with young people to develop healthy fitness habits, you can learn more at https://november-project.com/exciting-new-direction/). This change will directly impact the ability of the group to do so. In addition, it will create additional work for the staff at the Park Service, for our group and likely for others. I would urge you to contact the Park Service and ask them to rescind this portion of the change. If anything, they should build in ways to have less bureaucracy, while this change will create more.

    Thank you for your help on this issue.

    _____Your name here
    _____Your address and city here

  4. I had some issues submitting my comment using chrome, worked fine with internet explorer. In case someone else experiences the same 🙂

  5. What ended up happening with this proposed legislation? When will the legislation be voted on? When would the new permit laws take effect?

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