Race Day 2.0, 2.0 (IND)

July 25, 2018


The new race day is back with a vengeance! This puppy is no joke (even for puppies like Hamiltonand Penny). We’re talking 26 minutes on the clock, running laps around the block. During those laps you’re stopping on the platforms (after slapping gold doors) to knock out 20 sit-ups, 20 push-ups, 20 mountain climbers, and 10 burpees. read more

The Best #NPDoubleheader There Ever Was [DC]

Last week, 105 co-leaders from November Project cities all over the world gathered in the pristine woodlands of Santa Cruz, California to discuss World Takeover, plan for the future of this movement, and connect. One of the many workshops that weekend focused on the metrics to qualify when a Tribe is “crushing it.” Do they have a strong connection to the city they live in? Are their workouts FOMO-inducing? Are Tribe members hype as hell about NP? All good considerations, but if I learned anything from the #NPDoubleheader yesterday, it’s that “crushing it” is kinda like porn, you know it when you see it. read more

Month of May, Month of June (IND)


Everyone in Indy celebrates Race Day in the month of May out at the track. We celebrate each and every month at the War Memorial. Next month (in fact next week) we’re combining the two. Short and to the point, here’s the breakdown of what the month of June holds for NP Indy: read more

Race Day & ‘Rents (Stew Whitcomb’s NP Parents Blog) (IND)

“With the end of one month comes the beginning of another.” -Aristotle

End of the month means Race Day here in Indy, and what a Race Day it was! Pastor James brought a flock of newbies (thanks, James!), Tom and Macko killed it as our paint crew, JB played the role of picture master, and the weather was perfect. We even had a newbie commit to Race Day (and breakfast club afterwards) after learning of NP just LAST NIGHT! Spring fever really draws a crowd. Great work all around, and congrats to all who set new PRs. read more

Okanagan Marathon Cheer Station and NP Buffs


November Project Kelowna will be hosting a cheer station with Lululemon Kelowna and SpinCo at the Okanagan BMO Marathon on Sunday October 8th!! Come join our cheer station LOCATED ON THE CORNER OF ETHEL ST AND WEDDEL PL!! This NP, Lulu, SpinCo community cheering collab is sure to be the most fun you’ll have this Fall! read more

November Project Races The Cotton Bowl

Dallas’ NP_Dal Cotton Bowl Race: Jessica Tobias
Dallas’ NP_Dal Cotton Bowl Race: Joe Rodriguez of Skywalker Photography

Today was the culmination of months of preparation, community organizing, and tribe dedication as NOVEMBER PROJECT DALLAS. Trending today #NP_Dal hastag for the socials. People attended a workout at Cotton Bowl at 6 am this morning. The energy and atmosphere was amazing! All of these souls came together as a community to share positive energy and get a sweat on. Being the last Wednesday of the month and our first official day in the Cotton Bowl, it was our inaugural stadium PR day (full tour starting at section 36 and going all the way around the stadium back to section 1). The course around the Cotton Bowl is quite varied with some section climbing much higher than others, as well as some sections with bleachers that have backs–moving people to stairs. The stadium is challenging mentally, physically and technically. read more

Race Face, Stace Face (IND)

Howard’s Halfway to Halloween Hoedown Hootenanny was all it was cracked up to be: Super, Wild, Salty, Dirty, Grungy, Pretty, Galactic, Ballerific, American, Boozy, Pollinated, Healthy, and Sweaty. It definitely was not uniCorny. Newbies shined, oldies whined (not really; oldies kicked flucking arse supporting the newbies this morning), and on the feastival he created, Howard dined! Gotta love the added motivational incentive of a pump-up-partner during the Race Day ordeal! read more

Spring Awakening (IND)

HAPPY RACE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Spring has [somewhat] sprung, and so has NP Indy! Dishing out (shhhhhh)irts today, we were worried we’d run out with the solid #raceday numbers that showed, which is a good problem to have. Aside from faster times, greater numbers, more than one person wearing sleeveless shirts and shorts, and less laundry, spring also provides us with a wonderful opportunity to grow our tribe. It’s the time of year where people are craving the outdoors, wanting to get moving again, and most notably looking for sweaty hugs from strangers. Fortunately, we can provide all those things. read more

Werewolves of Runnin’ (IND)


Aaaaaoooooooohhh!!!  The Tribe* really brought it today!  We got warm by huddling up with a little Warren Zevon inspired Halloween-ish bounce, then hit the steps for some stellar Race Day performances!

We had one of our fastest Tribe members absolutely bring it today by setting his Race Day PR, had some newer but consistent Tribe members really push the envelope (and by envelope I mean co-leader) during the workout, and we had a couple newbies get a taste for what we’re all about!  Plus, the Halloween costumes were a graveyard smash! read more

Ain’t Nobody Gon’ Catch Me (IND)

We were all Race Day kings and queens today.  Both sessions absolutely killed it on those stairs and with those burpees (especially the Race Day virgin who did 50 burpees instead of 25)!

There must have been something in the air, because PRs were being set left and right, and everyone was crushing the supportive role.  Awesome teamwork (tribework?).  We had another week of very solid turnout, and we were even graced with some long lost, highly missed familiar faces.  Great seeing you guys! read more