Ain’t Nobody Gon’ Catch Me (IND)

We were all Race Day kings and queens today.  Both sessions absolutely killed it on those stairs and with those burpees (especially the Race Day virgin who did 50 burpees instead of 25)!

There must have been something in the air, because PRs were being set left and right, and everyone was crushing the supportive role.  Awesome teamwork (tribework?).  We had another week of very solid turnout, and we were even graced with some long lost, highly missed familiar faces.  Great seeing you guys!

We weren’t rolling deep in newbies this week compared to the last few, but one sure shined; way to absolutely destroy the old Race Day record, Will!  It turns out that never touching the stairs (however that’s done) is the fastest way to traverse them.  This guy got 15:02.  Sub-15 minutes is easily in sight!  Unheard of.


                                             This guy.



We  dabbled  dove head first into a fast up-n-over then did the traditional situps, pushups, mountain climbers, burpees lineup with an up-n-over in between each exercise and another at the end.


That post-Race Day feeling



  • Huge thanks to the paint crew volunteers in Colleen Merk-derk, Tom Hale, Stew-Woo, and Jaden Brown; thanks for being the pic masters too, Jaden and Tom!
  • Keep sending our San Fran sister some love anytime something comes to mind.  We’re all about keeping that connection going and growing!
  • Speaking of other NP cities, Shaw played the starring role as IND-NYC envoy today. (Note our Statute of Liberty tributes in the featured pic.)
  • Even more on other NP cities, we’re adding some new tribes next week, so “NP World Takeover Day” is happening next Wed.  Wear your finest cosmopolitan (meaning worldly, not meaning the magazine) gear as we do exercises (very) loosely nominally related to the new NP cities!
  • If anyone still wants to get in on the Wisconsin TNF Endurance Challenge, make sure to hit up Beth Osland.  She’s a lady without a team, a ramblin’ spirit of sorts.
  • No Friday workout this week; enjoy the hell out of your Labor Day weekend!  Consistent Friday workouts will start Sept 9th and will end . . . ??? (we’re going with the theory that they’ll last indefinitely).

Have a stellar week!



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