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I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, November Project can be whatever you’d like it to be.  Come and workout with a smile, and end it there, or dive in head first, and take full advantage of what this movemnet has to offer. Soak in some positive vibes, and dish your own right back out.

And, as soon as they go live, send your CONGRATS to London and Amsterdam – #30 & #31 on the ever-expanding list of NP cities #worldtakeover


Today’s blog is brought to you by Tribe Member.  Tribe Member appreciates the little things, and wants you to know that this tribe can do a whole lot more than make you sweat…

“I just wanted you to know something: I made a friend last Wednesday at November Project! Now, I know that sounds like something you would hear from an elementary school kid coming home from his first day of school, but I would definitely compare the lost feeling of being disconnected since moving to San Diego to be way worse that that first day of facing the elementary school playground. The interesting part about my interaction with this person is that he didn’t just leave an impact on me for the few minutes that our conversation lasted, but he made my entire day, and heck even my entire week. I’ve been reading this book lately about how being vulnerable, and putting yourself out there, is directly related to feeling connected and loved. And so, I guess that was my intention in trying the November Project: I have a deep-down strong desire to be loved and connected, and it’s a need that has definitely not been met very well since relocating to San Diego. I’ve been to November Project twice now, and I’ll be honest, when I got a hug for the first time on my first try, I cringed. I didn’t want it. It was scary, and uncomfortable, and left me feeling very very vulnerable! Well, I guess that’s what I needed because last Wednesday (my second time), the hugs didn’t hurt so much, they didn’t leave me feeling scared and icky… But they felt loving and from a place of compassion. I guess, long story short, I just wanted to tell you that I’m really happy to have found November Project, and that friend I made last week? Yeah, that person will never know the positive impact he had on my life from that 5-minute interaction! I hope this is encouragement for what you do and maybe my little story with encourage you and others to continue giving those hugs, and making people feel vulnerable, with the end result of that awesome connected loving feeling!”


Tribe Member encourages all of you to keep doing what you’re doing.  Keep giving out those hugs, keep playing like kids at recess, keep pushing each other, and know that every human interaction, no matter how small or big, can brighten someone’s day, or week, or shift their perspective entirely.  Keep doing you, NPSD.  It’s working!



London and Amsterdam (when made official) will be the 30th and 31st cities to join the global NP family!

Mondays – September – Embarcadero – Next Monday:  Meet us at the Kissing Statue by the Midway, 6:29AM

Next Wednesday:  Come out and celebrate NPSD’s 3rd birthday.  That’s 3 years of being happy, strong, and bright.  3 incredible years calls for celebration.  Bring WATER GUNS (NO water balloons), and any snacks you might like to share with the tribe.  Let’s have some fun with this one, NPSD!


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