Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Fitness (PHL)

July 4, 1776 – ya know the day, the day the Declaration of Independence was signed… you know HBD America. But do you know what happened on July 3, 1776? It was a Wednesday and so naturally all of our founding fathers gathered  in front of Independence Hall to hug it out and get their sweat on. Dan and I went digging and found a copy of their pre-independence workout and recreated it for you this morning.

This morning we took a field trip to Independence Hall and if you didn’t get your July 3rd history lesson this morning, you just did.

We zigged and we zagged. We ran hard and never stopped moving. Partner everything: Push ups, hoistees, leg throws, sit ups.

Oh and did I mention that Rocky was there… (just like he was there on that unforgettable Wednesday workout in 1776)DSC_7392

We are back to normal on Friday (workout is normal, we aren’t)

LEMON HILL 6:25am #justshowup

Last Friday we ran for PRs, did you record your time in the tracker? If you didn’t, do it NOW… HERE

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