Roller Coaster (NYC)

Before reading, Press Play and keep in the background while reading this entire blog.

Wait for it………Wait for it………………………………………………..Ok, start reading.

Coming off the exciting news of the #NPSUMMIT and the epicness that will unfold at the North Face Endurance Challenge in Madison, Wisconsin #ECSWI (Remember to use the code NOVPROJ25WI to get your 25% off the entry fee), today was just amazing.  For everyone.  It was a day of celebrating.  Celebrating our ups, our downs, our lefts, and our rights.  Workout was our Triple Triple.  Three exercises consisting of burpees, mountain climbers, and planking before running each loop of our magnificent grotto.  Things escalated and the workout got aggressive.  Humidity may have been around 80% but the vibe and positivity was at 110% and nothing could hold us down.

I mean can you really believe that we are half way through July? Like this is insane how the Summer is flying by.  But guess what? It’s not over yet.  Things are unfolding, wheels are turning, actions are happening.  New York, our tribe is going to be reaching out to you and we are going to ask that you reach back.  Be ready for more to be revealed in the coming weeks.

Good luck to Mary this weekend in Vermont as she tackles a nasty 100 mile race.  You will be bringing a positve vibe that will no one will be able to challenge.  Now go and dominate that course.  Ian, it was your last day with us….for now.  Thanks for running The North Face Endurance Challenge, Bear Mountain, NY.  You crushed it, no one can tell you otherwise.  You made a mark on people’s hearts that day, spectators and fellow competitors.  Another tribe is getting a great new member.  Oh, and he will be at #ECSWI.  Can’t wait to see you there buddy.

Yea, that song will be stuck in your head all day.  Your welcome.

THIS FRIDAY: Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 2.  6:28 a.m.

P.S.– Just Clayton, no need to worry.  Pete showed up.  He came to the workout today, he repped some solid NPSF gear as well.  He also asked for this message to be delivered.  “Just Clayton, I made it to NYC. I got to the workout safely.  It was cloudy and rainy at the workout, felt like home.  Coach and Paulleak made me stand up at the end.  Please send Milk, Bread, and Hugs. “

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