45 in BOS

This morning featured 85% humidity, rain that came after we left, visit from a Navy SEAL, watermelons at section 19 courtesy of Deniz, Adrienne’s 150 section throwdown, and a respectful callout of uninvited reps that wanted to seed their energy boosting products to obviously energized crowd that runs on hugs (#MarketingFail). It’s pretty safe to say that this morning was very eventful, and that doesn’t even cover the workout.

Speaking of which… To get faster, stronger, healthier, and happier, we did a workout that’s called simply “45”. To do the 45 you either run 45 sections or run for 45 minutes, whichever comes first. Some overachievers ended up pushing past 45 sections until their time expired and ended up doing over 50 sections and some folks tackled their first set of stairs completing a hand-full of sections. Both of those groups are badass in our eyes as both of them are pushing themselves to achieve their own personal goals. Please keep coming back, we love having you around.

Friday, we’re back in the hills of Brookline. Hope you’ll be there too!

And before I sign off from this shorter than usual blog post, I want to leave you with one thing. Remember the time when this went down?

Photo by Scott Yellow
Photo by Scott Yellow
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