Flip the Script (Aka Nolia Clap)

Have you ever noticed that every other day of the week you hit the snooze button at least once? Well on Wednesday mornings, an alarm is not needed! The tribe is always ready to #riseandgrind. It’s like that Disney World commercial where the kid and the dad are both “too excited to sleep.”

That is how we feel every Tuesday night in anticipation of NP. We are all too excited for multiple reasons; whether its seeing how many people will #justshowup, wondering if @MayorLandrieu will make Kate pay her burpee bet, if the workout will kick everyone’s ass, or maybe it’s because we are too exited too sleep because NP_NO is our beacon of happiness and hope each hump day that gets us through another work week!


Once again, the tribe all came together for the community gathering.  New faces were quickly initiated into the group as we up the workout.  Kate flipped the usual script by incorporating ramps into our usual warmup mix.  After that it was on to a partner workout including hand shake pushups, partner sit ups, dips and air squats.  And for those that thought the stairs may have been forgotten on this Wednesday…well the stairs cannot be denied.  Just moved to the end to add a little spice to the buy out portion of the workout.

Todays positivity award winner is Adrienne Truxillo.  Adrienne is a tireless member of the #NP_NO tribe with her infectious smile and an always positive spirit.  She seems to enjoy a bit of torture because the farther into the workout she gets, the larger that smile seems to grow.  Adrienne thank you for being you.


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