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Holding hands with strangers that become your friends 5 minutes later - only at November Project

Today, we had our best showing for our Summit Ave Hill Work, where 80+ members were moving like #SafetyNinjas. In preparation to drop our fastest times for 5 trips next Friday, the workout today was to do more trips than you’ve ever done before. This was mentally and physically challenging workout but that extra volume made us stronger and better prepared for next week. Nicole, of 88 Acres was happy to bring her first round of delicious, nut-free, organic, bars and hopes to keep getting feedback from our tribe as she develops new products. Feel free to drop your comments in this post, Tweet Nicole at @88acresfoods, or tell her in person on Monday.


Our very first Destination Deck will be held at 6:30AM on the Charles River Esplanade. We’ll meet at the Arthur Fiedler memorial statue for a 6:30AM start. Again, the idea here is that you’re getting your run started in time to get yourself to the location with enough time to stretch, catch your breath, meet two new people, and begin the core workout with the entire group. After 20 or so minutes of work, we will all run back to our respective showers, unless you REALLY hit it off with a new member/friend, in which case you can use their shower (wink, wink). Make sure that you bring your own deck of cards (they are $3 at your local 7/11 or $1.50 on Amazon) or you can share one with your shower friend. IT’S A 6:30AM START. DON’T BE LATE.


#GrassrootsGear is coming to the stadium near you. B.Y.O.T. for the chance to get your own 1st edition of official NP gear. You’ll work out while your loving NP staff brands all 130+ shirts. Its going to be awesome!


5 trips from top to bottom for your new PR.


Goldie will be teaching a #FREE #grassroots yoga class for NP members only. If you have friends who may want to get get involve in free yoga session, they’ll need to join the November Project first. August 23rd, esplanade, outdoors, breathing, strengthening, cross training, learning, relaxing, trying new things. You may also want to check out Goldie’s class schedule ahead of time to learn more about her world outside of November Project. Hope that you’re excited as we are.

6+ workouts recorded with us and you’ll get #FREE shoes from New Balance. If you get a full month without missing a session, you’ll get the free shoes and extra $100 to the New Balance store on Boylston St.

You earned your weekend! Stretch, hydrate, stay loose, enjoy your Friday!

Oh, yeah, and… we’re having a cookout. Dates and locations TBD.

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5 Replies to “Read All Topics, #DestroyAllWorkouts”

  1. I was so excited about treats from 88 acres (which were awesome!) that I totally forgot to record my time today (sorry). Please put me down for 5 flights at 39:35. Thanks! Danielle DH

    1. You can park around Boston common or even further down on Boylston st and run over to esplanade. Remember running to and back from the meeting spot IS part of the workout.

  2. Yesterday was my first run with all of you. I did not see a place to record my time. I did 4 flights in 37:34. Thanks for a great workout! Looking forward to running with you all again soon.

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