Goldie Yoga is Best Of Boston 2012

November Project has been growing really fast and it’s all thanks to you – our members. Via email, social media, or good ol’ word of mouth, you’ve been #RecruitingMoreRacers to our morning sessions – AND WE LOVE IT. Your people become our people.

In this #grassroots game of recruiting, one could argue that Goldie Kaufenberg is one of the main reasons we have so many new members. As a yoga instructor at multiple studios and gyms here in Boston, Goldie has the earpiece of a wild number of yogi folks who, like her, are looking to stay in motion usually beyond their rectangular mat. She can be found running stairs/hills, multiple Hip-Hop Yoga throw-downs, CrossFit Training, Vinyassa flow sessions, and sometimes all in one day. She still finds time to promote November Project and bring in new members from her many worlds each week. This is why we’re proud to announce that:

Yesterdays issue of Boston Magazine awarded Goldie Best Of Boston for Yoga Instructors in 2012. BOOM! We’ll give that to you again and hope that it sinks in, not because we’re surprised but because it’s that big of a deal…. Goldie Kaufenberg was awarded Best Of Boston for Yoga Instructors in 2012.

When you see Goldie at November Project make sure that you congratulate her on such an amazing year of teaching, guiding, learning, and staying in motion. November Project is proud to call her an original member and we hope that she continues to shine. Speaking of #Rise&Shine, On August 23rd, Goldie will be teaching a #FREE yoga class to NOVEMBER PROJECT MEMBERS ONLY on the dock on the Charles River Esplanade. This will be a 6:30AM start on Thursday, August 23rd. You must be a member of November Project to join this class so if you have any die hard yogi friends that want to join Goldie’s November Project class, they’ll have to train with us a few session first if they want to attend. These are Goldie’s rules. We don’t make them, we just enforce them.

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