Sleepy Heads

FrogMan1” previously known as “the Hiking Trip,” is a great workout that breaks up the monotony of turning right to go up the stairs but it also develops great camaraderie between NP tribe because of all of the shared sections. With the extra volume, moving at slightly slower pace, #FrogMan1 is simple training to get you faster and mentally tougher. Not everyone will do 50 sections their first time and that opting to do 40, 30, or 20 sections is all good. With that said, only those who did 50 total were able to complete today’s #FrogMan1.

PR Pizza trophies from Stone Hearth Pizza were passed out at 6:25AM. Trophies come in the form of vouchers that have your PR time transferred in a dollar value, which you’ll be paying for a regular 12” signature pizza. If your PR was 31:00, your pizza will be $3.10. We love Stone Hearth as they support local businesses, use organic and sustainable ingredients, have amazing gluten free menu, and they’re only few blocks away from the stadium. Start thinking about that last Wednesday of the month for your chance to get a PR Pizza trophy.


Show up ready to throw it down on Summit Ave, as this is your chance to work on your anaerobic threshold (that burning feeling in your lungs that kicks in about 2/3 up the hill). We start at 6:30am sharp so make sure you’re there few minutes early. Friday is our favorite day at November Project. #RecruitMoreRacers and #EarnYourWeekend


Today we gave folks an option to pick between Hubway membership or $50 gift card to Marathon Sports for all of you that came to 5 or more workouts in July. In August we’re raising stakes to 6 workouts or more (adding Monday into the mix) and the prize will come from our friends at New Balance. If you sign-in to 6 or more workouts in August you’ll get FREE NEW BALANCE RUNNING SHOES! New Balance will also throw in $100 gift card, on top of free shoes, to be redeemed in their flagship store on Boylston Street if you attend ALL workouts in August. Train with us, write your name clearly, you’ll get new gear, you’ll get faster/fitter/better looking/slightly more B.O. and life will be great.


On Monday 08/05, we’re doing our first Monday workout. It’s called “Destination Deck” and each Monday will be at a new destination. This is a guerilla workout, which means that we’ll drop the location on you via social media channels on Friday before to announce the meeting location. The “Deck” is the core workout that we’ll start at 6:30AM.

November Project Official Apparel

Details coming tomorrow… very #grassroots #FREE #KeepingItReal… stay tuned.

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10 Replies to “Sleepy Heads”

  1. Oh no! There are 2 Lauren K.’s now. I’d rather have my name twin’s #s and time, but I’m the one with 37 in 47m. It’s been a very sleepy day. I wish we could have stayed and taken naps.

  2. I was there! but never got a hold of the sign in sheet…. here’s my deets: Caitlin C. FrogMan1 in 47:24

    Thank you for an excellent start to the month of August 🙂

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