Raceman & Relayman Had a Baby (BOS

There are a bunch of beloved workouts at NP_BOS, and especially in the stadium, there are some killer, really hard, really fun, blow your mind workouts.

Raceman is known for the intensity and speed–unlike just about any other workout there is. One section at a time, race as fast as you can, kind of brutal and equally badass. It’s definitely one of those love it or hate it workouts. But I mean realllly love it or realllllllly hate it.

Relayman is the epitome of partnership–you have one partner and you each go 5 sections at a time, tagging out after your 5, so your partner can do their 5, and you go meet them where they finish so you can tag in again. This leapfrogging means you somehow get around the stadium (and maybe back again) faster than you ever could/would by yourself, and by having a smaller number of sections to focus on, you might also pick up your pace. Plenty of team support and cheering, as the “waiting areas” get filled with trash-talk between teams and deep admiration for the hard work of the people on the stairs.

So what happens when Raceman and Relayman get together and have a baby?

Today is what happens.

Maybe there isn’t yet a perfect name for it. We’ll take suggestions. But here’s how it worked: partner workout, like Relayman. But each partner does only 2 sections, which is short enough you can pretty much race up those two, like Raceman. Then while your partner does their 2 sections, you recover as much as you can and dive back into 2 more sections. You leapfrog around the stadium, basically going as fast as you can. Maybe we should call it LEAPFROG.

Capozzi and I were partners this morning and we both pushed ourselves pretty hard. We made it around to section 1 and were headed back for the second tour toward section 37…and at one point I realized my sprinting up 2 sections was about to make me puke. It was hard. But we also figured out that we both went WAY faster for a full tour-worth of stairs, than either of us could do on our own. There it is folks–teamwork, making us faster, every time.

Other cool things–most of us met someone new today, either because they were our partner, or because we were standing at the top of an odd numbered section with other people gasping for breath, and that’s a bonding moment for all of us.

Keep showing up Boston, we’ll keep bringing the old favorite workouts, and keep producing new babies too.

very important announcements

#SUNRISE 6K is on Monday July 22nd. 5:30am & 6:30am at this spot at Castle Island. It’s a race, and everyone is doing it. No really, EVERY single other NP city in the world will be racing a Sunrise6k at the end of July, so let’s freaking go…#JustShowUp #RaceEverything #BringYourMom #BringEveryone

NP SUMMIT 7.0 is in November, in Las Vegas. You should go. If you know it all or know nothing about it, please READ THIS BLOG NOW!

Many people climbing stairs in Harvard stadium, a colosseum-like structure. Everyone is working hard.
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