Sharing your story (Ottawa)

This past week I was in Edmonton. We’ve talked a lot about this global worldwide movement we are a part of. When I had a chance to connect with members of the Edmonton community, that’s when I truly understand that and feel that. It’s a privilege to be able to #traverbal to a new city, do a new bounce, new people, but same positive and welcoming community, no matter where you go. When visiting, I get to hear about what brought them out, what keeps them showing up, I learn what another city does to create the space that people want to come back to. The feeling, the buzz, the connections, the experience leaving that morning after 30 minutes of movement with others, is what excites me to share with others. I want to share it because I truly want others to experience the same thing. When I went to the grocery store after the workout, I met a nice gentleman working there and learned he had recently moved to the Edmonton area. Knowing how challenging it can be to make the big move and go through an adjustment to a new city, I shared with him about November Project, a place to check out to make new connections and explore the city. I’m not sure if he’ll show up, or if he’ll tell his wife and bring his kids, but if he shows up on Friday when I’m still there, I’ll sure be one of the first one to welcome him to the community. 

We know it’s a challenge to describe an experience, and you may face a lot of “that’s too early, too cold, too hot, too many people, too far”….. etc. but keep going. If your experience has been a positive one, bring a friend for them to experience it too. Maybe even get outside your comfort zone, something you do every week when you show up at November Project, and let a stranger know. You just truly don’t know how it can impact them in a way it may have for you. Have a read at some guest blogs, to hear some neat stories. 

Thanks for sharing you morning, your time and your energy with us.

Congratulations to our new #prday champs Mackenzie and Kate!

Here’s to bringing “soles” together,

Lauren and Liz


  2. Go meet someone new today 
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