Getting Grassroots WILD [Bklyn]

“If you want a gorgeous yard, don’t fluff the blades of grass, get down to work on the roots and soil.” That’s how grassroots is explained. Also explains what has been happening in Brooklyn.

Last year, Sierra and I talked about wanting to see more organic growth, more happenings outside the scheduled 6:28AM weekly workouts, more curiosity about interacting with someone you don’t yet know. Why? It tightens up the connections within this community we call November Project Brooklyn. Anyone remember from psychology class how neurons work? Neurons transmit messages. Neurons with myelin sheath (a protective covering of fatty tissue) transmit messages harder, better, faster, stronger. Yup, myelin sheath, that’s exactly what Sierra and I were looking for within the community.

myelin sheath is the shit

Nick Collins, the incumbent Positivity Award winner, has rallied us to volunteer our efforts at the local Brooklyn Pride Run. Mollie Holman and Morgan Pekera led and hyped up a cheer station for Brooklyn’s biggest race. Jairo Martinez & Russell Pang somehow got more than 20 people to show up in the dead of winter to an ice cream run. There were 4 ice cream stops, and heck yeah people had ice cream at all of ’em. And who can miss the Friday morning runs that Jessica Smith organizes? They’ll go through different parts of Brooklyn–Prospect Park, Red Hook, Domino Park. And Jessica has even encouraged different route suggestions and run leaders. Organic growth blossoming outta organic growth.

You coming to the run this Friday morning?

It’s not just that people are planning things though. Y’all have offered to fill in gaps. Alex Mayyasi chimed in to help out at the next social event. Abby Armada catches new people at workouts and offers to stay with them. Jeremy Willner has divulged how to snag free/discounted stuff for those going to NP Summit in Vegas. People offer Citi bike passes, cans of spray-paint, their efforts to spray-paint. Yesterday, we asked if anyone could volunteer for the upcoming Sunrise 6k. And gee willikers, we probably have more volunteers than roles now.

A couple Wednesdays ago, people were slowly trickling into the park. It was not yet 6:28AM. Sierra had the idea for the two of us to stand far far away from the monument. Essentially away from where everyone was congregating. We furrowed our eyebrows and pretended to be in deep conversation. But really we wanted to observe, to see what people would do. It kinda felt like we were parents watching our kids walk to school on their own. What was going to happen? What were y’all going to do?

where the action happens

Like parents, we held our breaths and watched. We watched as people mixed and matched. People chattered and laughed. Sierra and I weren’t fluffing the blades of grass. No, it was happening ground-up. The interactions could have been hearty jokes or an awkward introduction. Whatever the nature, it matters that it was happening between you all, naturally and organically. It was so grassroots. It was so wild.

Brooklyn, keep on sprinkling seeds. Whether that’s suggesting an activity, creating content, or engaging with an individual. It’ll grow into something, it will. And it’ll be wild.

What y’all have been doing, are doing, will be doing…is wild.

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