Progress Update – February 4th, 2021

Continuing with our Next Steps, here is the January 2021 update:

NP Board Of Directors Update

If you missed the last two posts by The Board Selection Committee (BSC) president and NP DC, Co-leader Emma Cowan-Young, please check out the December and January updates. If you’re in tl:dr mood, here’s are some highlights…. a group of volunteer Co-Leaders and NP Co-Founders formed a Board Selection Committee that was tasked with creating a process to identify and approach potential candidates for the new Board of Directors. We’re pleased to report that we currently have eight confirmed Board Members. Since we’re looking for an odd number of members, the courting process continues. As soon as all the Board seats are filled, we will be making introductions with the whole November Project world. Please join us in thanking our Board Search Committee members for their fantastic work on this project. We couldn’t do it without them.

$13,000 Charitable Donation from NP + Knockaround
As you may remember, the NPSUMMIT gathering was supposed to be in the Twin Cities in the fall of 2020. At the same time, our friends from Knockaround were supposed to drop custom “Just Show Up 2’s” sunglasses on their website and in person at the summit. Due to the global pandemic out plans changed but we still looked for a way to give back to the Twin Cities community. As a result, we asked the Knockaround team to donate 50% of all proceeds from JustShowUp2 sunglasses to Juxtaposition Arts in North Minneapolis. This organization was picked by NP MSP Co-leaders (Nat, Erolf, and Emily) because of their great mission and their commitment to support Black & POCI youth artists and designers in the area. We’re incredibly thankful to Knockaround for their excitement to participate in this outreach and grateful to November Project community that contributed to this $13,000 donation to help “Jxta” folx get closer to their $2M fundraising goal. For more information on this organization, please visit the Juxtaposition website.

Illustration by Patricio De Lara (alum of JXTA)
Illustration by Patricio De Lara (alum of JXTA)

Human Resources Hiring Process
November Project will soon add a Human Resources Representative to its leadership ranks. In addition to managing Co-Leader transitions, leadership onboarding, conflict resolution, and the management of the pledging cities, this part-time position with the potential to grow into a full-time role, will conduct Co-Leader training and help develop and execute a long-term HR strategy. From well over a hundred applicants responding to this publicly posted opportunity, we are quickly approaching the final stages of the interviewing process and are looking forward to announcing the newest member of NP HQ in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, we’ve been lucky to have NP Atlanta Co-Leader and longtime NP member Winnie Lok helping out with internal communication efforts, Co-Leader check-ins, as well as streamlining our current HR processes and information tracking systems. Winnie will be staying on board to help with the transition while the new HR Representative is settling in. Winnie, we’re thankful for all your hard work and support!

Leadership Training and Anti-Discrimination Discussions For NP Members
In our Next Steps pledge, we committed to providing ongoing leadership training for our Co-leaders as they’re building a culture of belonging for their members. We are close to rolling out a syllabus/training workbook that will be first used by a smaller group of Co-leaders in a pilot program. From that point, we’ll make some tweaks and adjustments before the syllabus is used for continued Co-leader education as well as new Co-leader onboarding.

We are holding a first town hall for our members that focuses on anti-racism, hosted by our consultants who aside from being NP members, have spent the past two years working with November Project on leadership development and foundational DEAI plans. This town hall will be smaller scale and focused only on November Project New Orleans members. The goal is to learn from this experience and devise a plan to scale and hold more of these opportunities for the greater audiences in the future.

Covid-19 Updates
This pandemic is unfortunately still very much a part of our lives and that’s reflected in how we gather to work out. Some cities have been holding virtual sessions since last March, some have been sharing the Weekly Global Workout designed by Co-leaders from all over, some are back to in-person, and some had to go back online after enjoying a period of in-person gathering due to increased risk of contagion or stricter local government regulations. Since there are so many factors to take into consideration, we’ve been working with each set of Co-leaders on finding the best and safest solutions that work for their specific community. For the list of all the cities that are holding virtual workouts, please check out this page.

We also want to give a special thanks to November Project Co-leaders that have been taking on the thankless task of figuring out creative ways to engage and motivate their communities while taking the task of preventing the spread of this deadly disease very seriously.

Overhead group photo of November Project Boston Members
Photo taken pre-COVID-19 (Boston, MA)

NP Experience
As a part of our commitment to share power and increase transparency, we worked with NP Co-leaders to outline a clear description of November Project Experience and Co-leader Descriptions. These documents help us set expectations with our Co-leaders, current & future members, the Board of Directors, and anyone else that has an interest in NP, of what it being involved with our organization looks like. These documents will be evaluated annually and adjusted if there’s a need.

New Co-Leaders
These are the new faces who have stepped into Co-Leader positions in the last six months. Each of these folx brings a new perspective of November Project and we’re incredibly restful to have them be a part of the team:

Name City
Bri Arey Los Angeles, CA (USA)
CJ Williams New Orleans, LA (USA)
Emily Guth New York City, NY (USA)
Freddy Perez Denver, CO (USA)
Gail Betz Baltimore, MD (USA)
George Holroyd London, England (UK)
Hadar Albo Denver, CO (USA)
Joon Wong London, England (UK)
Katie Montemayor Scioto Mile, OH (USA)
Krysten Moore Providence, RI (USA)
Laura Bernhard Oakland, CA (USA)
Lazina Mckenzie Edmonton, AB (CAN)
Rachel Goldstein Los Angeles, CA (USA)
Rebecca Nadler Ottawa, ON (CAN)
Rebecca Skinner Ottawa, ON (CAN)
Sarah Sturh Minneapolis, MN (USA)
Seember Ityokumbul Philadelphia, PA (USA)
Shardul Golwalkar San Francisco, CA (USA)
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  1. Wow! These all sound like great next steps and I love the strive to better our communities and keep NP open to all! Awesome idea to donate to JXTA! So excited for the future of NP!

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