Call Me, Definitely (Ottawa)

Good morning, Ottawa!

Thanks to you, it was.

While a few things were different for this year’s Valentine’s workout, many of the important aspects were the same. We showed up. We moved. We sweat. We silently cursed burpees. We not-so-silently cursed burpees. And we supported one another through it all.

Those who attended previous Valentine workouts with NP Ottawa will remember that we were each asked to write our phone number down on a piece of paper, trade it with someone else, who traded it again, and again, until we had no idea whose phone number was in our hand. Rather than trading our own phone numbers this week, the focus was on three particularly important ones (not that ours aren’t important… just that our bagel production is far less efficient).

Distress centre numbers are not just for support in the REALLY bad times. They are also there to help us avoid the really bad times. To prevent them. Or to make them slightly more manageable. There is no barometer of how bad things need to get before a person is allowed to ask for help. We can and should ask for it when we need it. And seriously, Kettleman’s is open 24/7, so why not?

The call could also be to a friend or family member. It could be to someone who was on your screen this morning. It could be to a pet (they are often the best listeners and don’t interrupt as much. Also no concept of personal space).

And hey – it is just as important to share the good stuff, too. There is definitely no barometer of how good things need to be to share them with the people who support us. The engagements, pregnancies, and promotions are exciting and important milestones to share. And so is the fact that you made a batch of cookies (and ate the entire thing by yourself…?). Or that you got out for a skate on the canal. Or that you got up and moved your body early this morning with a fantastic group of people!

Thank you for sharing your morning with us. We are glad you’re here. Consider reaching out to someone today to remind them of that. Or to tell them about the cookies, whatever feels right.


Rebecca & Becca


  1. Pop up YOGA on Family Day – more info to come!
  2. Find out more about #FinishThe Run, and join the November Project Team at
  3. Pet a dog*

*quantities may vary

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