It’s boiling outside

I went to a Jim Gaffigan show when he came to Edmonton in 2007. It was like minus a million degrees that December day… early in my life in Edmonton (aka I didn’t know how to dress for real winter). Jim walked on stage and said “it’s boiling outside.”

He immediately won over that group of #yeg comedy lovers. Myself and hubs included.

Kinda felt like this week’s temps.

You all crack me up

Hahahaha, I have to tell you how funny I find you. And creative. Holy smokes.

The team names. The album drops. The team sweat shirts. The workout videos. I even saw some sore elbows today (mine too… maybe we should rethink that one).

In the cold. In the dark… all while being #togetherbutapart. You are keeping us together with your wit, humour, creativity, your presence, and more. Thank you. Taking on this new leadership role – during a pandemic – has been different and familiar but unfamiliar (does that make sense?) and it’s been an easier transition than I expected because of 1) Rob, a great co-leader, 2) unconditional love, support, and wisdom from Jen and Nadim, and 3) you! Not only have I been busting a gut so far this month (and loosing skin on my elbows), I’ve also enjoyed watching you connect with NP community members that maybe you didn’t really know so well. That. Is. Awesome.

I have to share

I thought I’d share some of the funny notes you’ve left for Rob and I over the past week and a half of this challenge….

  • I can’t feel my shoulders….but I love it?!?!
  • OMG Pain! To scratch my face. I have to lower it to my hand – ’cause I cannot lift my arms. Y’all good!? Bring it On!
  • It hurts to put a mask on
  • It’s album drop Friday – thank you for the motivation!!
  • Free the buffs! 😉 and thanks for organizing these challenges! We’re all so grateful.
  • Professional Donkey Kicker I am Not!
  • When you think you’re done, you’re only 40% done.
  • Looks can be deceiving… especially when it came to those hollow rocks! Thanks for the great workout! 🙂

Some of you have used the tally submissions to share a bit of feedback or suggestions. We love it. Feel free to do that. We read all of them and have already made some changes based on what you’ve shared.

And, your team tallies for this past week:

(this does not include tallies from Feb 10… you have until 11:50pm tonight!)


  • Buffs are early in production. That means they aren’t coming just yet. But they are coming.
  • Monday is a holiday. You know what that means. Stay tuned for deets.
  • If you want to participate but aren’t on a team, please feel free to do the workout and still join us on zoom. You’ll always be welcome to join.



PS- yes, you’ll see a lot of hugging photos from me. I miss hugs. A lot.

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