#PRhills and Fuel for Life

If you would use the word EPIC to describe a day where A) the entire tribe races Summit Avenue to establish or beat their PR for hill racing, and B) people who also raced last month and who set a PR today earned an incredible NP Summit AVE #PRHat, (see photo) then C) today was epic.  If you think all that is cool, or just okay, or even mildly entertaining, then I still say this morning was still epic* and awesome, and fun and inspiring.  Because nothing gets me more fired up that watching the tribe race their faces off–even before they knew they were racing for PR hats!  Seeing everyone racing is why November Project started the whole #RaceEverything hashtag. (and maybe why IT started too.) There’s something more exciting about life when we choose to put ourselves out there–put it on the line–and see what we’re made of when we race. That is how we get better, fitter, faster.  And that is how we continue to be courageous, take risks, and end up as better human beings.

For some of this tribe, you regularly stride out three full hills, and the 2nd Friday of the month now means you have a reason to challenge yourself by fighting through them faster than you usually do.  Thank you for your fight today.

For others of this tribe, you started running today not really sure you could complete three full hills.  The challenge caused you to throw down, to simply make the attempt and see if you could get there…and for many of you, you surprised yourself.  You walked away from the hill this morning a little sweatier, a little closer to vomiting, and a little taller–because you own that hill like you didn’t before.  Thank you for your fierceness today.

And for some other of this tribe, you crushed that hill for every minute you had today, step-by-step striving for another downhill, another uphill, another half, another full…holding that “three full hills” out there like a carrot.  I know some of you started out with full knowledge that you would complete one (not three) full hills.  Or one and a half, or two and a half.  Some distance that pushed you equally as hard as everyone else in the tribe–and you kept pushing.  Just like every other workout we do together in this incredible free fitness movement, the journey — not the destination — is the important thing.  Thank you for your fight today.

Everyone has SO much to be proud of today, and if we want to get serious about this #PRHills thing, we gotta track our times and get fired up about getting farther & faster on these days.  Make sure your friends and racing buddies track times/distances too, and then throw down with them next month.  Everyone can earn a PR Photo for new personal records by distance or time. (DECEMBER 11th is the next #PRHills day, mark your calendar!)

On a personal note, I really needed this morning.  Not because I needed the racing exactly, but I needed the Tribe.  I’ve had a harder week than usual, and a couple of days I just felt like I wasn’t “#winning” in the game of life.  I think we all have those days and those weeks.  The times when the normal wear and tear of life seems to take more out of us, leaving us feeling less than inspired, less than confident and powerful, and less than fully optimistic.  I needed the Tribe today because when I feel depleted by life, November Project and this amazing community in Boston fuels me.  The larger community of NP worldwide fuels me.  I know I’m not in this alone.  I’m not running alone.  I’m not struggling alone.  I’m not racing alone, striving alone, fighting fiercely alone.  AND I’m not celebrating alone, accomplishing alone, reveling alone, or bursting with joy alone either.  This Tribe is my family and when I need you all, you’re there.  In one million different ways.

My guess is most of you know the feels I’m talking about.  Both feeling worn down or empty, and feeling filled up & fueled by community and healthy physical movement.  Today’s a good day to remember how awesome all of this is.  It changes us and we are changing the world.  So from me to you, whether you knew it or not, thank you for being there for me this morning.  You guys & gals are ok 🙂



FAQs (Friday-Asked Questions)

What’s the deal with the #PRhats?

Q. How do I get a #PRHat?

A. #JustShowUp on the 2nd Friday of every month.  Complete 3 full hills at least once to establish a baseline time.  Then, the next month, race again and beat your time.  This establishes a Personal Record (PR) and earns you a hat.  Each month will have a color spray painted on the hats for accomplishing the PR.  If you PR every damn month, you’ll have lots of dots.  Hats get earned.  Dots get earned.

Today, the people who earned hats were those who raced last month and completed 3 full hills, who also did the same today, and today’s time was faster.  Everyone who raced today and set a baseline can race for a #PRHat in December.

Am I Buff?

Q. I want one of the super cool new NP buffs, how do I get one?

A. Go to the spreadsheet linked in this blog and place your request for up to 3 buffs per person.  See the buff design and get more info in the blog.  You will need to pay once we know exactly how much they will cost–we’ll give you that info soon.

What about MONDAY?

Q. Should I go to Destination Deck on Monday?

A. FUCK YEAH you should.

Q. Where is it?

A. As always, the exact destination is in the NP tracker. Generally speaking we’re going to Tufts University. #Verbal verbal verbal.  Do it.

Q. Isn’t that really far away?

A. Who cares?!  Run.  Bike.  Take the T to a closer spot and run from there.  #JustShowUp

group photo

*If “epic” is overused in your opinion, other words you can read instead include: spectacular, awesome, astronomical, colossal, massive, mega, monumental, tremendous, or whopping.

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