PR 101: Give your time to the #NP_Intern (NYC)

April 1, 2015.  This is the first of the month, the first of spring PRs and the first day of the #NP_Intern.  For those of you that are unfamiliar with the #NP_Intern process, we have a lengthy application that we stole from this group of yahoos.  After completion and submission, you are taken through months of interview, group chats, tasks lists, basically just like the TV show  Making the Band 2, we selected the one stand out performer.  Amrita blew us away with her qualifications and her willingness to be the only one who stuck it out through the entire proces.  But more to come about the #NP_Intern in the coming weeks………

Today was a lesson in racing.  Clean paths, clear skies, and just overall perfect weather.  you could not have asked for a more perfect day and we just wanted to have everyone get to the line and get racing.  No funny business, all racing.  5:28 group came out in force today with a rocking for our 101st workout.  The lesson plan was simple: 8 loops of the Mansion course.  Faster, higher, stronger than any of your previous attempts.  WAIT, WUT?!?!?! WE HAVE HAD OVER 100 WORKOUTS NOW? HOLY SHIT.  Ok so, people were dropping some of the fastest times we have ever seen today.  And guess what, it was kind of awesome.  When you wake up and know it is going down and today people got down.  After the workout Pete Kruse planked for 10 minutes, which was pretty rad.  Congrats to those two dudes in San Fran who planked for like 15 some minutes BEFORE the workout.  Kruse did it after crushing the PR course, but ya know #westcoastbestcoast or whatever.


FRIDAY: Tompkins Square Park.  6:28am.  Meet at Avenue A & 9th.  Track it and wear Pastels.  Or black.  Or plaid.  But mainly pastels.

Log your time into the Tracking Website if you haven’t already.  Times below:

5:28 group

Rob 21:49
Tully 24:08
Maia 25:36
Shane 26:25
Mike 23:48
Bradley 27:42
Kelly 28:09
Russ 28:10
Ryan 28:13
Pedro 28:15
Maki (27:12 7 laps) ~31:06
Sabrina (27:08 7 laps) ~31:04
Suzanne (27:08 7 laps) ~31:04
Pete 29:13
Jaime 30:40
Rebecca 30:40
Lauren 7:55 pace (26:06*)
Dan 30:31
Laura Ann 31:55
John Massey 34:23
Rachel 34:15
Jacqueline 32:10
Amy 34:14
Lawrence 33:31
Jenny 34:20
Maggie 32:42
Tricia 31:34
Ann 34:26
Jessica B 32:29
Jessica D 37:02
Meg 40:31
Ken 33:41

6:28 group

Fabio 20:32
Aaron 20:32
Nick 21:08
Pete K 20:59
Jason 21:09
Myles 22:13
Steve(n) 22:18
Brian 24:07
Rose 23:23
Whitney 24:35
Dara 24:26
Mary 23:07
Lou 24:26
Chris 24:35
Amir 24:57
Javier 25:33
Raleigh 24:30
Jeremiah 21:45
Jeremy 27:02
Kaitlin 27:17
Jacqui (25:22 7 laps) ~28:59
Ellen 26:13
Elyssa 28:35
Sarah 5 laps
Michelle 28:48
Benjamin 23:57
Alyssa 32:00
Nina 30:32
Tracy 30:49
Ali 32:03
Gabi 24:33
Marin 30:09
Sarah W 31:15
Sabrina 32:30
Zoe 31:05
Tory 29:54
Dan 32:46
Marlisa 32:46
Stacy Maya 31:15
Madeleine 32:07
Mary 29:30
Jessica 29:32
Jason 33:20
Sue 28:36
George 29:39
Katherine 32:42
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