NPSF newsflash: Whole tribe late for work after lengthy plankoff

ALTA PLAZA PARK, SAN FRANCISCO — Productivity amongst NPSF workplaces dropped 0.05% today due to excessive workplace tardiness after a cross country plankoff. Representatives from tribes across the East coast (NP_NYC and NP_VB), Middle coast (NP_IND) and West coast (NPSF) got in the action to see who had the tribe with abductors of steel. After JustClayton’s #earlygang, the renegade Tweener workout and a 25 minute burpee centric paired/make a friend workout, NPSF gathered on the landing for a plankoff of epic proportions. Our resident toddler, Tommy, gives us the perfect example of perfect planking form.



10 seconds pass… Paddy and Laura stop and use the excuse that they need to take photos
5 minutes… half the tribe is still going strong. Sunish is telling awful jokes in an effort to displace his fellow plankers.
7 minutes… it’s whittled down to the last 7 or 8. Tantek is still balancing in pigeon pose.
9 minutes (and the NPSF record)… we’re down to 4.
10 minutes… Laura Traferro realises she’s late for work again and bails.
11 minutes… Will Oberle drops.
15 minutes… 15 fucking minutes and our new recruit from NP_DC, Derek Smith, and Jason Levy are pillars of the planking world. Derek… 15:04. Jason… 15:06.

2015-04-01 07.25.14

We were delighted to hear from our NYC source that our homeboy, Pete Kruse, led the way in the Big Apple with a planktastic 10:06. Good to hear you haven’t lost it, Pete. But calling for a rematch barely a few moments after the last competition. Bold move, Kruse, bold move!

Pete Kruse throwdown

Friday: It’s McCloskey’s birthday! Which means, she wants to roll out of bed at 6:28 for the workout, and holler at you all from her front steps as you run hills past her house.

Parnassus and Cole St. 5:30AM and 6:28AM. Be there.

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