What in the world happened this morning? (SD)

This morning was quite the combination of activities, holidays, and general tomfoolery.

Did we celebrate Easter by hopping like bunny rabbits?


Did we do a sing-along to a completely unique, never heard before tune about the Positivity Award winner?

Did anyone else sing Call Me Maybe in their head the entire duration of the telephone workout?

Did we murder whisper Happy Birthday to Rosie?

Did we all gain superpowers by touching Eugene’s beard?


Did we have the best Wednesday morning in recent history?

Do you like guacamole?

Did we just become best friends?


I think the answer to all of the above is YES. And I’m no expert, but YES is usually a good thing.

Go forth and eat your chocolate bunnies and Reese’s eggs guilt free…you earned them.



And in other news:

Recruiting Papers 3.0 is TOMORROW night! Get ready for a good time. 7:30PM, Barrel Republic.

– November Project is teaming up with lululemon to put on the greatest La Jolla Half Marathon cheer station OF ALL TIME. Details are HERE.


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