Oh FrogMan1, You Sexy Beast!

#FrogMan1. Remember that guy? If you haven’t met him yet, you need to. He is long (that sounds sexual), tough, and very humble gentleman that will leave your legs shaky, your vision blurry, and your lungs on fire. We get to hang out with him at least once a month and every single time the experience is polarizing to say the least. You can’t help to hate him for the pain he institutes on every part of you body but in some weird Stockholm Syndrome kind a way you love him for that very same reason. Finishing a date with Frogman1 is not an easy challenge and for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure yet, this should be your goal to complete by the end of the summer. For those of you that have been on multiple dates and are looking to make them shorter than 40 minutes, you have a nice little challenge in front of you. A sub-35-minute date is a very good accomplishment worth of bragging to the ones that will listen (and know what you’re talking about). Anything under 31 minutes is just simple speed, and to dethrone our boy BG, you’ll have to be faster than 28:10. Challenge is out there – are you going to accept it!?

Our is due. We’re collecting photos from all cities with November Project presence that we’ll post in one big album of awesome! The winning photo (with most likes) will get a trip to Boston to train with out Wednesday squad, or if the winner is from Boston, they’ll get to visit another tribe from the 16 cities we’re currently in. Keep your finger/computer mouse/stylos ready – the album will drop soon!

See you on Friday!

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