NPSF One Year Older, None the Wiser

One year ago I moved back to San Francisco after a short work contract in Boston. It was in Boston where I reconnected with college friends, Brogan and Bojan, and caught wind of this off beat workout crew they were building. High fives were replaced with hugs, headphones drowned out with laughter and inappropriate jokes. At first I thought it was just a platform Brogan had created so he could practice his on stage performance skills and have people tell him he’s “funny”, “beast like”, and “pretty.” But I quickly realized the fitness movement was far bigger than even the largest Graham head (I love these guys, but they have larger than life features). At the end of my time in Boston I approached B squared and said, “Hey, I am moving back, back to Cali, Cali and I am going to bring NP to SF. They will love it there. It’s the weirdest city in America, full of incredibly attractive, intelligent, motivated humans and I want them in my tribe.” Okay, the conversation went nothing like that but I thought you could all use a compliment this morning.

After a short detour to Uganda, I arrived in San Francisco and at the beginning of May, 2013, we began the workouts at Kezar Stadium. Ben Fox, Amy Leedham, Julia Victor, Gil Levy, Will Daoust. Week one. Sam Livermore, Jessica Huffman, Julie Logan. Week two. And so it began to grow.

Every single workout has been a labor of  love for this tribe, this movement, and this city. Watching the tribe grow has been some of the most gratifying work I have ever done. This is not just a group of people sweating together. This is a collection of humans, choosing to take time to connect with the community around them,  to expand their circle and invite new people in, and to better their health and strength in the process. Your stories have inspired me and I am grateful to be surrounded by such a genuine group, many of which I now call great friends.  Happy Birthday, NPSF! You are all insane and I fucking love it.


Also, BIG shout out to Adeoti and Lindsay for properly meeting our sugar needs at 6:30 AM. Pretty sure Clayton stole the balloon so he can make munchkin voices on his work calls for the rest of the day. I let that one go.



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