One Baby Shy of a Benchmark (NO)


As I assume most new tribes do, we spend a few minutes post workout quickly figuring out if we beat last weeks numbers or hit a benchmark attendance goal. It usually consists of the one with the best eyes counting each person on the 2″ screen on the back of the camera so our results are, and usually remain, “unofficial”. Kind of like the “unofficial” result that you hope gets overturned when your horse shows and you bet it to win while you wait for the race officials to confirm. Dammit Danza!

The tribe in NO is growing fast and thought we’d hit the big 50 this morning. If only the baby would of had been awake this week when her mpm, Sarah, strapped up her shoes and scurried out of the house to wake up the sun with the mighty #NP_NO. The 25 pounds of bubbling joy was all we needed to hit the mark. Oh well, 49 it is until we crush 50 next week.

With 49 strong we conquered every obstacle that could be thrown down the gauntlet. Dips were Dominated, Burpees Crushed, Mountain Climbers could not contain us, and the Air Squats did not stand an chance. Even bunny hops up the dome steps could not defeat us… But they damn sure tried. A tough workout, but the tribe persevered. We are gaining momentum and getting stronger.

So tell a friend, spread the word, get out of the damn bed and show the Fuck up. This is going to be big and we are not going anywhere, so why not get in early?


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