Getting Up and Flying (SMF)

Just another day in paradise, not quite. Today, was one of those special days when it comes to November Project Sacramento. We finally helped make the members of our tribe a little more official when we pulled out the stencils, spray paint and t-shirts. Members of our tribe got to do a little t-shirt tagging!

The 6:25AM start got us running some stairs while incorporating some burpees, tricep dips & lunges along the way. Between the sets each member of the tribe got to tag their shirt, so the reward or recovery from a sweat dripping set was making each person a little more official.

During the workout we welcomed new comers, Katie and Zulema to the tribe while recruiting David who didn’t know what was going on but jumped in and finished his morning workout with us. We also welcomed back Derrick to the group who has been attending the workouts since the move to our new location.Along with with all the awesomeness of the workout and the excitement of the tagging of shirts, we handed out the first positivity award today to Chris! He came out to the tribe workouts after being introduced to them by his daughter when she was in town for spring break. She is a regular at the November Project San Francisco.
The tribe is slowly growing and we are excited to see new faces. Now help us get over the hump and get to 20 people at a single workout by the end of the month! Make sure to help us spread the word via social media “like” us on Facebook and “follow” us on Twitter.

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