Music Mullet Debut (IND)

Today the Racing Capitol of the World kicked off the Month of May with a new earlier start time. What time? 6:15am! If you were a little tardy, way to #justshowup and clearly we will start without you. #Gladyouarehere!

The instructions were:

  • up the north stairs
  • touch the gold door
  • sprint to the south barricade and back
  • dish out some high fives
  • descend stairs
  • tally reps on the sidewalk in chalk
  • repeat for 20 minutes

Cause who can count when your heart rate is that high? Not me.

Just when members thought they were done, one more exercise before you go. The group was divided in two. Group 1 planked in a row, while Group 2 consecutively jumped over them.  Switch and repeat. Switch and repeat. #Shityourgrandfatherdoes.

Excellent job on your #highflyinghomework! Our top 3 pics are from Jessie, Kim and Jeni!! These pics are moving on to the next round. The Mothership will compile an album of top #highflyinghomework pics from each tribe in the #Turbo16. LIKES=VOTES! Overall most liked pic wins a trip to Boston! No joke.

Next week: same place, same time. Bring someone, anyone. #Recruitmoreracers.

Wednesday Indiana War Memorial 6:15AM North stairs


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