Wednesday Thumb Wars (DC)

At November Project DC, we take ourselves very seriously, VERY fucking seriously. It showed today when a tribe of 150 rised n grinded to the Lincoln Memorial Steps to partake in NP thumb wrestling. Battles sieged, wars won, smiles had. We then tilted our hips in the right direct (IN) and began our #Fireman5 workout. ONWARD.

Doubled up on birthdays today with TWO GREAT members. Katie C. hit the 30 mark today in mother fucking style. Previous positivity award winner has been around when the tribe was 8 people, when the tribe was in 8 degrees, when the tribe was furloughed, and she has always made the tribe SMILE.  COLLEEN Z. hit 21 last night at 12:00 am, hit the town with her friends, slept through her alarm but biked under the influence in to give out some birthday hugs. All growing up, all staying young. NP Thumb War_28

Funny story about my first interaction with #PostivityAward winner, Shayla. Each NP workout I make my rounds, try to meet as many new peeps as I can, and at Shaylas first morning at Lincoln I did my usual introduction; tilt your hips in, we say fuck yeah, etc, but then Shayla looked at me and said, “I’m Shayla, do not forget my name.” And like that, Shayla was here to stay. She will be leaving to take on the BIG APPLE in a couple weeks so @PaulLeak get ready for a solid human. You will be missed, Shayla.
NP Thumb War_26

FRIDAY @ Union Station 6:27, DO NOT be late. We are running to final workout location.
RECRUITING: The sun is out. It was above 50. To all the people who said, “when the sun is out earlier and its above 50, I’ll come,” get UP. Gently, or forcefully get these people to come.

Because I’m curious, IF you are reading this now, please comment on the photo album with, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” (Gone with the Wind).

LOVE: Always.

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