NP royalty [MTL]


  • Pinkest sunrise MTL ever did see.
  • No more snow = so much more dirt. Whut.
  • Social at September Surf on Thursday the 15th. Facebook event here.
  • Next week we’re doing a St. Patrick’s day theme so wear green!

While Derek is away, we shall play. And by play, I mean not time anything on a real watch, just end an exercise when Mila arbitrarily says “30 seconds” are over (ooops sorry), and take pictures that show us to be the kweens that we truly are. But seriously, great job this morning. You all have the most graceful single-legged hip thrusts I ever did see. Also, impeccable 90-degree form. Look at that!

Also, a big welcome to Ash, who joined us for the first time this morning and within minutes was being hugged and poked by the whole group (also oops sorry).

Not much to report this week with what feels like 1/2 the tribe on vacation. We miss you! Come back! Make sure you’re practicing burpees every day while you are all away!

Other than that, just announcements:

  1. September Surf Social event next Thursday. All are welcome! Come see what everyone looks like with glasses and normal non-spandex pants on! Details here.
  2. Wear green next week or get pinched! (But also probably be prepared to get pinched anyway.)
  3. Scotiabank race: 5k/10k April 21st and half marathon April 22nd! I know of at least 5 NPers that are running! If you are too, hit up our social page here to set up sweat dates and go on runs! Otherwise, put it in your calendar and warm up those vocal folds because we are CHEEEERING. And yes, we will be making signs. And yes they will be either absurd. Stay tuned for more info!

That’s it that’s all! Have the best day folks!

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