squad goals and log rolls (YWG)

Winnipeg notes:

  • winter is back
  • so is the bridge challenge
  • Dave won the PA last week
  • Let’s crush the Manitoba Marathon
  • April 7- NP social; run, beers, fun

Lots on the go these past five weeks; the great skate, the floppet, buffs came in, PR days, snow storms… Just when we thought we were out of the woods, mother nature hit us in the face with a whopping 30-40 cm of snow on Monday. It made the trails a little snow packed and a little slick, but the sun is still coming out during the workout so we wanted to keep it out of the parking garage today.

Last week, we had PR day so we kept it in the garage. We had probably our biggest showing for a PR day all winter, and I’m sure it had nothing to do with the buffs finally clearing customs and making it to Winnipeg. The night before, we had decided on handing the Positivity Award to Dave, and it was serendipitous that his wife and 6 year old son came for their first workout.

What makes someone a Positivity Award winner? It’s someone who is consistent and reliable; someone who looks out for other people while at workouts and outside of workouts; someone who reps the grassroots gear; someone who recruits friends, family, and strangers; someone who works hard during the workouts; and overall someone who keeps a positive attitude. Dave has been demonstrating all of these characteristics since he first started showing up after hearing about it in a CBC article.

The plank circles this winter have been a fun way to get to know each other a little bit better. With the smaller winter group we can pull it off, otherwise in the summer we would be doing 15 minute planks to get through everyone. This morning we talked about our fitness goals for the year. Having a goal can be scary, and saying it out loud can be daunting because all of a sudden it becomes real; you’ve voiced that intention and now you feel that accountability.

We challenge you to be specific with your fitness goals; instead of saying you want to run a PR, write down what time you want to achieve. Also, your goal doesn’t have to be running related; there was a lot of Green Sally goals (which means we will probably increase how often we do Green Sally). We would like to have a great showing at the 40th anniversary of the Manitoba Marathon, so if you get the chance, go check out the poll in the NP Community group, click on which one you’re doing, and sign up for the race. One of the options is the Cheer Station, if you aren’t able to run in the marathon. We will most likely have a bbq and pool party after the marathon for those that race and/or cheer.

On April 7th, we will be doing another NP Social night. What is that? It’s basically a chance to get together outside of the regular workout times to do a little more socializing, and a little less exercising. We brainstormed the idea last night, so we still need to finalize location and timings, but it will most likely include a pre-event run, followed by a meet up at a set location, with a slideshow and some awards. To get the ball rolling, we are asking you to send us a direct message with a nomination for an award. For example, I could message Megan and nominate Cass for being the tribe member most likely to miss the bounce. Fun stuff like that, or cool things that we might not know. You can nominate multiple people, although we can’t guarantee that every nomination will be awarded something, but you can’t nominate yourself. Unless you really want to. That’ll be a  case by case scenario, depending on how good the nomination is.

Anyway, I’m rambling. Smile! Spring is coming (maybe).

Have a great day!


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