Today I led my first full length official workout as an NPSF leader (SF)

Today I led my first full length official workout as an NPSF leader. There were box jumps (on the benches, unless you were Jide who used the actual picnic table and gave me major fitness envy), lunge walks, stair runs, pushups, and some other pieces you’d expect from a Wednesday workout. There was a stair burnout that everyone flew through. There were even secret handshakes between partners (and Laura in a exclusive North Face jumpsuit) to spice it up a bit. All and all, a solid Wednesday in my book, I’d call it a success.

Well what you don’t know is last night, despite having a pretty good sense of a workout and bounce I wanted to do, as that almost-asleep slightly delusional state set in, I started thinking – what if people don’t like it? What if it’s too easy and they’re wondering why they even got up for it? Or too hard and cursing me under their breath? Too confusing and they couldn’t even remember what to do? Well fast forward through a night of anticipation, tossing and turning, and getting up at 3:30am and starting to get dressed only to realize that it wasn’t quite time to go yet, and I headed to the workout as usual.

And you know what I realized once I got there? You all are fucking awesome. I think one of the best things about NP is that people are pretty much down to try whatever. Give us a way to sweat with our friends, and we will be happy campers. I was so anxious about not making the perfect workout that I forgot that essential fact. Does it mean I won’t keep pushing myself to make better workouts for you guys? You can bet your sore asses that it doesn’t, but today was the reminder that I needed about why I #justshowup.

Friday hills will be at Bernal Heights, where we’ll continue our March Madness competition. Come help me, Paddy, and Zip duke it out, and remember – if you recruit a new person they can be on your team!

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