If Your Cheeks Are Sore, You’re Doing It Right

Today we had the pleasure of hosting our friends from FitBit Local San Diego.

Mike and Sheri have been long-time friends of the NPSD community, and they found an opportunity to connect us all and introduce two incredible free fitness communities. And today’s guest blog post is brought to you by Fitbit Local Ambassador, the one, the only, Sheri Matthews…

My cheeks hurt. Not my glutes, well those too, but my cheeks, from smiling and all I did was “just show up.”  So basically, I can’t feel my face when I’m with you.

Before 7:30 AM I (we) have done frog jumps, leapfrog, got a piggyback ride, and not just watched, but participated in the best round of paper rock scissors ever. I was not the guest at a kindergarten class, I attended the weekly November Project workout in the beautiful Balboa Park.

I was welcomed. I was hugged.

I saw the sunrise, and it was gorgeous.

I did a variety of fun, creative workout options.

I gave more high fives.

It’s different every. single. time.

I made friends. I saw friends. I brought friends.

From first timers to Ironman athletes, do what you can. It’s inviting.

I smiled so much, my cheeks hurt.

What’s incredible is that people agree to come together, to a space that’s otherwise just sitting there, a gem in San Diego – Balboa Park. By doing so, the number of times you hear encouragement, laughter, and see smiles is the healthiest, most reassuring type of therapy, church, addiction whatever your thing is….there is. As someone who has had an opportunity to host and lead experiences in San Diego, I know two things for sure:

  1. The leaders who do it put in a lot of time, thought, and behind-the-scenes work, not for the recognition because they are happy when you are.
  2. It works when everyone shows up because that is really what it is all about; come, and keep coming back. Bring yourself, or a friend, or five friends.

Thank you for today, for as we all go our separate ways, do our separate things, all day, the workout stays with us, the energy is shared, and it starts because we all, just showed up.

– Sheri (whose cheeks still hurt)

November Project San Diego


  • Parks! Parks! Parks! MONDAY, we’re at Spreckels Park on Coronado. 6:29 AM.
  • Also, Tom brought his balls today. Today was his 4-year NPversary. Congratulations, Tom. We’re so glad you’re here. November Project San Diego
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