Today was rough.

Today was a slog.

Turns out, 50 sections is hard–but the slog was progress.

Today was “slogress.”

Turns out, going skiing every weekend and crushing nachos, beer, and burritos, has me out of shape when I enter the stadium. It’s ok. My priorities during the winter are different than my priorities during the summer. My goal is to ski as much as I can, and enjoy the snow. Sometimes it means taking it easy on Friday or Monday. Most of the time it means no running over the weekend, and certainly means no Saturday/Sunday stadium routine.

It doesn’t, however, mean I stop doing my weekly routine, it just means I need to cut myself a little more slack when I’m doing things I’m not in ideal shape for. To continue to show up, and putting in the effort even when I don’t feel my best.

Today was humbling. #frogman1 is often humbling. Throwing 50 sections on the board and going all out for it is not something that everyone can do in 45 minutes. So why bother? Why bother setting that goal so often?

Because slogress–that’s why. It’s important to know that when time is called and you still have <insert any number here> sections to go, that that’s OK. You put in the time that day and worked toward your goal. Maybe it wasn’t the most you’ve ever done, but it was definitely the most you’d ever done that day. Be proud of your accomplishments and know that whatever you accomplished that day pushed you closer to being able to complete 50 sections in 45 minutes.

I used to never think it was possible to complete 50 section before time was called.

It’s possible.

It’s possible for YOU.

I truly believe that.

Put in the work. Show up every Wednesday and do your best to throw down. Don’t be down on yourself when it’s a slog. You’re gonna have plenty of slogs. You still showed up and punched in. Recognize that even slogress is progress, and be fuckin’ proud of that.

Go out and crush the rest of your Wednesday my peeps.

Much Love,
– C. Payne

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