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Every time we plan a workout for Chinatown, I am stoked! Chinatown is a magical place. The plaza that we run around feels like it was designed for the perfect couples retreat workout. The Bruce Lee statue inspires you to finish your lap with strength and grace. Speaking of Bruce Lee, here is some fantastic advice. Chinatown also has one of the most fun 5k/10ks.

This morning I had the opportunity to lead a workout with someone that I consider my big brother and one of my mentors. A few days ago, I was volunteering at a camp. While I was helping out at a workshop, the speaker kept using the term “raft mates”. Raft mates are exactly what it sounds like, the people that you would have with you on your raft. These are the people that you trust, that you can rely on, and who you know won’t bail at the first sign of choppy water. As the speaker was talking about this and then proceeding to go over core values and all that jazz, I thought of how Jonathan would be the first person on my raft.  He is someone who matches my playfulness, surpasses my weird, and is comfortable being vulnerable and sharing his story. Back in 2015, Jonathan wrote this blog. Hermano mayor, me alegra que estés aquí!

This morning I am thankful to Jonathan, I am grateful for an awesome tribe that brings the magic every week, and I am thrilled to have run 5 miles for the first time since my surgery!


SWCC 2.0 11/3 – Sign up here for an awesome relay race in the desert! Tribes from Phoenix, San Diego, and WestLA will come race against us! 

North Face ECSCA 11/17 – Check out all the awesome races here

SOCIAL MEDIA (more importantly Instagram) – Yes, we do in fact have an Instagram Account and upload some nifty stories AND announce workouts here too.

LAX Social Page – Check out the LAX Social Facebook Page here where people share free events, make announcements, and give shout outs to other tribe members outside of the workouts.

Fun Fact – 7th-century Emperor Tang of Shang had 94 ‘ice men’ who made him ice-cream.

Do good, LA!

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