let’s #makeitbetter (ORL)

we love our lakeside playground and the gorgeous sunrises it provides. we enjoy the plentiful sunshine and curious onlookers that greet us every morning at the plaza in our baldwin park home. but sometimes, we like to change things up and explore our neighborhood.

we did just that this week- venturing into the concrete depths, and movin’ on up into a deluxe apartment in the skyyyyy for a nice hour long session of parking structure ramp repeats. here at november project orlando, there were no #stairsforbreakfast or #hillsforbreakfast on the menu, so we made the best of a hearty portion of #rampsforbreakfast and crushed a circuit of push up high fives, plank hopovers, back to back plank claps, and plank jacks between incline repeats. tall bottles of crisp h2o were the beverage of choice to wash it all down. we are proud to say that the tribe licked their plates clean in an environment that brought even higher levels of humidity than our Florida norm.

we decided on a leg-lifting sally burnout for the final course of the morning. that certainly suppressed any hunger pains that even our most elite athletes might be experiencing.

we stepped out of our norm this week and into a concrete box where the partner work was just as meaningful and the high 5s just as strong. nice work, tribe!


  • we’ll be sending a message to our partner city, November Project Montreal! “Hello from the land of sunshine, alligators and theme parks! We are November Project Orlando and we wish you a fantastic day! Are you all good? Oh yeah!

*translated from a French friend*

“Bonjour du pays du soleil, des alligators et des parcs d’attractions ! Nous sommes ‘November Project Orlando’ et nous vous souhaitons une journée fantastique ! Tout le monde va bien? Oh yeah!”

Click here to check our social page later for a video with pronunciation help!

  • #sTeptember hw- step out of your box! try a new activity, food, or make a new friend! get creative with your pic/video submissions!
  • good luck to all at The North Face ECS/NP Summit in Wisconsin this weekend!
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