NP Culture (Boston 9.12.18)

NP SUMMIT 6.0 is THIS WEEK…finally!

We’ve been talking about it for months actually, and it’s finally here.  Summit.  NP Summit, specifically, and Capozzi and I are going to be traveling to Milwaukee, WI to join hundreds and probably thousands of other NP members from around the world for a Friday morning workout with the Milwaukee tribe, also for The North Face Endurance Challenge Series race (ECSWI) on Saturday, and some good old social time with incredible human beings. 

If you’re reading this and you don’t know what Summit is, I’ll explain, and if you don’t care–maybe keep reading just in case you learn something new.  I was thinking hard about why Summit is such a big deal–why anyone cares so much about it, or why so many people would travel from all around to spend a couple of days with some people they know from NP workouts in their own city and also with lots and lots of other people they don’t know from other cities. 

Here’s what I figured out: Summit is really just like a way bigger, more extensive, with more linger and social time before & after, morning of NP.  Think about this.  We love NP week-to-week in our own cities because we get a great workout, we get to see & connect with awesome human beings while we workout, and if we’re lucky we also get to have a few extra social minutes to linger after the workout or grab coffee/breakfast.  Add in a little social media hype before and some dope photographs afterwards, and you see the magic that we experience all the freaking time (and maybe even take for granted sometimes?!?) 

Well, Summit takes all of these important ingredients and amplifies them.  It’s a bigger, longer dose of everything awesome about NP, and you also get to meet more new friends, making not only your city feel more friendly, kind and connected, but the whole darn world starts to feel that way because you now have friends (legit friends!) in San Diego, Denver, Montreal, Winnipeg, Amsterdam, Iceland, Kansas City, Milwaukee, and all the other NP cities.  Our world of NP gets bigger, and our connections get stronger.  (Summit will have a Friday morning NP workout AND two days of trail racing with The North Face, in distances from 5k to 50 miles and everything in between.  There will also be informal and organized social times, with tons of opportunities to connect with people without rushing off to work!)

If you’re going to Summit, we’ll see you there.  And if you’re not–please think about going next year.  Please keep an eye on the social media coming out of Summit–both to celebrate the badass accomplishments of racers getting out on the trail–and to see how really good it is. This is something that helps to build the movement of NP.  It absolutely fosters the growth of a worldwide community through social fitness, and this is why Summit is so important. 


Then the Boston tribe will have BABYSITTERS!!!!!! We’ve got two incredible human beings lined up to lead the friday workout.  Show the heck up for them if not for yourself.  It’ll be a super fun day!


So get ready to race your face off on Friday.  It’ll be a perfect time to put all your hard work from the summer to the test on the hills and see what speed you can produce.  AND IF YOU WANT TO PR, CHECK YOU PREVIOUS PR TIME NOW! Don’t try to run on Friday without being sure what time you’re aiming for! 


Whether you’re new to NP or super duper old and OG at NP, you probably know that it’s known for being the “we hug” kind of community.  Sometimes it’s been more like a “you have to” than a “do you want to?” kind of thing, and while the intentions behind building a culture and a community where connection is prioritized, where feeling a part of something bigger than you is a key element of what makes it so good for people, and where you know that no matter what else is going on in the world or in your personal world, you can always #JustShowUp and sometimes you be there just for the hugs. 

But as communities and movements grow, we learn a lot about how we’ve done things and how we want to make changes and shifts going forward to continue to do the very best thing for that community and movement. So, please, please read this blog, written by NP Community Boss, Laura Green.  It’s important.  It’s essential to NP being the best it can be for you, for me, and for everyone who has yet to #JustShowUp.  Catch the blog HERE, and feel free to share it–talk about it–think about it–and keep engaging with the rest of our community about it.  It’s particularly important as thousands travel to WI for Summit, and as we all continue to show up, workout, and support each other in this community going forward. 


We’re growing NP, sharing it with the world.  And we need everyone to do their part.  But the pressure is not high.  The challenge is to find one single human being who hasn’t been to NP and to bring them with you exactly 2 weeks from today, to the 5:30 or 6:30am workout in the Stadium.  Find your #NPplus1…and #JustShowUp.  Read more details in THIS BLOG and keep talking to strangers, friends, family, neighbors, servers and retail folks, mail deliverers, dog walkers, runners, walkers, fitnessers, hair dressers, every. one.

Keep changing the world, friends. 

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