NP plus 1 – Boston 8.29.18

Most of us have heard the story about Bojan and Brogan, who relied on each other to set out and accomplish a goal to find free, fun, really hard fitness for an entire month, all the way back in 2011. 

But what we don’t often focus on from that origin story of November Project is that all it took was one person, plus one person, to make something so powerful and effective.

The Challenge: So for the month of September, we are drawing back to our roots of the original days and setting a challenge out to the Boston tribe.  You each have an entire month to find, meet, invite, inform, educate, encourage and BRING one new person to the Last Wednesday of the Month workout in September.  On that one day — September 26th, 2018 — we will have our entire tribe…PLUS ONE show up to the workout. 

It’s really that simple.  We’re not asking you to find 10 people or 100 people or somehow convince your entire family or office to show up.  We’re asking you to invest yourself in bringing one single human being.  Your Plus 1.  That’s it!  And then on one specific day, we all bring our Plus 1…results in a giant spreading of the great big grassroots goodness that NP has been bringing since the very first days.  But individually, we just do a small, manageable part.  And by bringing your Plus 1, you give that person the opportunity to get awesome workouts that are really fun too, all with an incredibly positive, kind community.  Who doesn’t need that in their lives???  It’s things like this Plus 1 day at the end of September that ends up changing people’s lives, it changes the vibration of the city of Boston, and it ripples out in the whole wide world.  (This is what we call #worldtakeover).

So can you do it?  You have an entire month.  Will you do it?  Get started working on it now.  Right. Now.

HEADS UP!  We will be having an NP_BOS social in the next two weeks to build the hype for spreading the word and recruiting your Plus 1, while also having some super fun social time together as a tribe.

IN SUMMARY: The Challenge for September is #NPplus1

WHAT? Bring one new person to the last Wednesday workout of Sept.

WHO? Every single person who comes to NP brings another human being with them.

WHEN? Sept 26, 2018.  You can recruit all month.  Just Show Up with your Plus 1 on the 26th (last Wed. of Sept).

WHY? Because #worldtakeover.  And because NP really is for everyone and all it takes is including one more person at a time to keep spreading the fitness and unique/amazing community that NP is with everyone who doesn’t know about it.  (And…imagine that group photo on Sept 26.  #epic)

A couple more announcements:

Friday 6:30am at Summit Ave. we are having something very special for the workout, AND a pool party in Grace & Micah’s pool behind the blue house at the top of Summit after the workout.  Both are giant FOMO situations.  Don’t be stuck with FOMO on Friday.  It’s a bad way to start the weekend.

Monday 6:30am the Destination Deck workout has a theme.  It’ll be Labor Day.  Dress as babies.  You heard it.  You know what to do.  Dress as babies. 

Keep changing the world.  See you on Friday at the top of Summit Ave. 6:29AM

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